Thursday, March 29, 2012

Midweek Randoms

It's been a great week at the Mayo house.... how about yours?

* This weekend was the BEST.  Girls night Friday night at Mi Dia.... the PERFECT patio place.  Then Guy was home and only worked an hour or two the whole weekend.  This never happens, folks!  We didn't really leave the house much, instead enjoyed the 80 degree temps and worked on the yard both days.  Between the raking, mowing, fertilizing, planting, and mulching, we did a lot to the front yard.  Now we need to tackle the side garden and backyard weeds grass.

* We have baby birds! We have baby birds!  I had seen the birds flying around the ferns on the front porch, but it wasn't until I heard the chirping that I realized there was a nest.  Guess I will have to stop watering my fern.  I think there are four babies.  I feel like a proud momma.  They are so cute!  B and I check on them multiple times a day.

* While checking on thew birds yesterday B spotted this lizard in the monkey grass.  He was mesmerized.  The lizard never moved, so I was impressed that he could discern anything unusual.

* I thought this site was cool.  (found on pinterest) Just type in a book you enjoyed and it will give you other titles you might like.

* I found a water/sand table for $20 at a garage sale.  It's nothing fancy, but I think it will be perfect for splashing in this summer.  And I will be guilt free whenever I throw it out!

* A couple of weeks ago Emily and I set out to make Teagan an appliqu├ęd cupcake shirt for her birthday.  About halfway into the project my embroidery machine started acting up.  Well, I took it in and the man had it working on the 1st try.  Surely it was not the bottle of wine we consumed! Since I had bought it used, I went ahead and had him just check it all out.  Now she's (my machine is definitely a girl) back and I was able to finish the shirt (well past her T's birthday) and get working on a few other projects.

* I love getting good deals at the grocery store and try to be good about using my coupons.  I finally got them all organized!

I went from this....

To a much more organized binder.  Unfortunately, I don't have a pic.  But trust me, it is much easier to locate my coupons now!

* Best run was 4 miles (with Beckett) this week.  I didn't time it :(.  And I can run 3 miles with him fairly easily.

* Have you tried these pretzel rolls?  They are quite delicious!

We went to Fireside Pies the other night.  In the courtyard area they have this little patch of fake turf.  It's awesome!  It looks real, but you wouldn't have to worry about your baby pulling up and eating the grass.  Also, it's soft on the knees.  Cori was telling me that there is a park in OKC that has fake turf.  Anyone know of a Dallas area park with turf?

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bluebonnets, Bluebonnets, and MORE Bluebonnets

Well, it's officially bluebonnet "season" in the great state of Texas.  And Flower Mound does not disappoint!  Cori and Hayden came in town for the weekend and we made the most of the beautiful weather and photo oops.

There is actually a great little patch of bluebonnets right on 3040 and Garden Ridge near my neighborhood.  Unless you are taking pics at sunrise/sunset, go under the tree for some shade and squint free pics.  It's a PERFECT spot! Oh, and Just ignore the "NO ENTRY" signs, as I am sure they are just there for additional decoration. ha!

But, I mean really.... you would ask for forgiveness later in order to get these sweet pics, right?

I love these sweet momma-daughter ones...

Gorgeous, I know.  But of course Cori and I were not satisfied.  We kinda developed an obsession and tracked down another location.  This one was definitely not for the faint of heart, but boy oh boy it was SO worth it!  Even if you aren't into taking pictures with the bluebonnets, you should definitely make a trip just to do a hike.  It's pretty amazing.

See for yourself!

The entire hillsides are completely covered!  From Lewisville/Flower Mound you will take 1171 all the way to High Road.  Turn left and go until the road dead ends.  

Can you see his bow tie?  That would be a Tar-jay $1.00 special.

Who says I can't buy bows for my boy?  

Now, we took probably 500-600 pictures (no lie).  One would think I would be satisfied.  

Of course not.

I then decided to drag poor Emily to the boonies so that she could capture some family pics for us. Emily happily agreed (clad in her "snake proof" tennies, I might add).  Guy - not so excited :).  He kept mumbling something about his manhood being lost in the flowers.  Not sure what that was about....

Good thing I have a trooper for a husband and friend!  

And, my very favorite...

So glad to have got all of these wonderful pictures!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Beckett: 41 and 42 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

What a funny boy you are!  Your personality is developing more and more each day and you just crack us up.  You are affectionate, independent, laid back, curious, and outgoing.  You are also ALL BOY.  Your favorite toys are balls and trucks - and you love to chase and crawl around with both.

You also love to mimic what we do.  If I bang two toy blocks together, so do you.  Or if I play the "uh oh game" (dropping an object), you crack up and want to play too.  You also love to play peek-a-boo and "where's the baby? (putting a towel or blanket over your head so that you can pull it off)."  

Here are a few of your other favorite activities:

It is fun to play with momma, but you go CRAZY for your dada.  You two are peas in a pod.  If you know dada is home working, you will crawl to his office over and over again so that he will play with you.   It doesn't matter what I do to distract or entertain you, dada is who you want to see!

When your dad is traveling he misses you so much.  Most nights I send him a picture of you sleeping.  
That bootie of yours is always in the air!

Your dada was also exceptionally excited to introduce MEAT to you.  And, you LOVE turkey and chicken.  This may be one of his prouder parenting moments.....

Eggs and avocado are also delicious!

The past few weeks we have been on the go constantly.  Good thing you don't mind your car seat!

One of our favorite things we have done is visiting the Dallas Farmer's Market.  You had fun looking around and checking out all of the flowers and fruit.

We also went to the Dallas Arboretum.  

No matter what we do together, it is always more fun with you around.

We love you.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Day at the Arboretum

Remember how I told you that I was going to take some senior portraits?  Well, Emily and I did.  And we have lived to tell about it!

To set the scene, please keep in mind that the Dallas Arboretum is a good 45 minute drive.  We have a three year old, two babies in the double stroller, a second stroller full of wardrobe changes/leaking water bottles/snacks to keep the babies entertained, and four adults.  We were all busy, but managed to have a good time AND get some good pics.

Here's Sarah (the senior, obviously).  Hope she doesn't mind that I am posting these?  :)

While Emily and I were doing some serious teamwork and snapping away, the babies were being great sports and hanging out.  (Mum-mums, puffs, and goldfish crackers might have contributed to their excellent behavior.)

Meanwhile, Teags is running around and VERY excited to be at the park.

An outfit change and more pictures.  Snap, snap, snap....

We took a break to look at the children's miniature houses and have some lunch.

Beckett was all about giving and getting kisses.  Fine with me!

Oh, I forgot to mention.... Flat Stanley even came along.  He is visiting from my sweet little niece's classroom.  We thought he might enjoy a tour of the Arboretum too.

Third outfit change.... This blue dress looked so pretty on her!

At this point the babies were pretty exhausted.  They bypassed naps and milk, so they were troopers.  

I took Beckett out for a little stretching and crawling around.  He was grateful.

When did Teags get so big?  How is she already (in a couple of days) THREE years old?

How adorable are these girls?  I love this one with Em and Hattie.

And this one cracks me up.  I think Beckett was delirious.

And, to cap off the trip we even saw a lizard.  Teags named him Mr. Lily Lizard.  

I was really so glad that we went.  I only wish that the Arboretum wasn't so stinkin far away.  It would be fun to get a membership and go for picnics and such whenever we wanted!