Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working Hard

Working hard.... I am behind on blogging and feeling SO guilty about it.  I have the pictures.  I know what to write.  But just lacking time, and to some degree motivation.  But I'll get there.
In the meantime I should update you all on my Missy Mayo Photography business.  I am working hard at trying to build my business.  I don't necessarily want to be busier, but I guess I subscribe to the thought that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  I want to get better at photography.  I have a business that I am proud of, but I want it to be exceptional.  So, lots of fun things that I have been working on.
First and foremost, I am attending the Clickaway Photography Conference in Salt Lake City this September!  yes, yes, yes!  I am thrilled.  It is a dream for me.  (Yep, I am that nerdy).
I am also doing some mentor work AND getting mentored.  That's pretty cool! I've been working hard at networking.  I have met a few other Flower Mound and Dallas photographers and that has been really neat for me to make those connections.
Finally, I am working on my online presence.  Find me on Google Plus.  Please.  Pretty please?  Follow me!  Review me!  Oh, and while you are at it.... do the same on Facebook :).  In today's age you just have to be on top of your online marketing.  It makes a difference.  One of the newer ways to find and hire professionals is on Thumbtack.  Have you gone to that site?  It's an easy way to find a service (everything from photographers to plumbers) and get pricing/see reviews/etc.  I have recently completed my profile and would love for you to take a look....
That about wraps it up.  I promise I shall get back to my regular blogging soon!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh Toodles, Beckett is THREE!

As I had mentioned before, Beckett has been talking NONSTOP about his Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.  He talked about it with everyone.  Anytime a stranger would say hello, he would promptly begin discussing his party plans.  I'm pretty sure it was all he thought about for at least a month.  

It all started to make me nervous, because I couldn't imagine what he was actually dreaming up for his little party.  I just wanted it to be as special of a day as could be. 

He was very clear that he wanted a cookie cake, so Nestle Toll House came through on that one.  He also has a serious love of popcorn, so that made a perfect goodie treat for his guests.  We did a little decorating in the 10 minutes before the party started….

As soon as the party started he got right down to business….the foam pit was a hit with all.  Dada I think enjoyed it as much as the kids.

Once the guests arrived everyone sat in a circle to introduce themselves and show their favorite trick.  As you can see, B has a great trick - he can put his head between his legs and be upside down!  

Next up the kids got to ride on the giant swing.  I think this was Beckett's very favorite thing.  They go seriously high!  I thought he might get a little scared, but his face was pure joy.
Afterwards there was a lot more playing and running around.  

Group Silly Picture….

Finally it was time for cake!  B's face was glowing when everyone sang Happy Birthday.  He knew exactly what to do  - make a big wish, blow out the candles, and devour the cookie!  

Back home Beckett had a few friends over to play and enjoy pizza.  He got to open presents, which kind of put me over the edge since I couldn't keep up with who gave him what.  ha!  

Mission Accomplished, though.  Beckett had a wonderful birthday and he is still talking about it.  We are so proud and thankful for our big THREE year old!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Four Longggggg Weeks

Oh my word.  Guy traveled Sunday - Friday for FOUR WEEKS STRAIGHT.  Four.  Four VERY long weeks.  Let's just say that I have earned my mother of two badge.  

I decided that the only way to get through it with my sanity was to stay busy doing activities with the kids, take pictures (that makes me happy), and keep my coffee maker and wine corker handy :).  It worked… I managed to keep us all alive, hahaha!   

Here are a few things we have done over the last month….

Pictures of Reese - Little Reesey Roo can't shy away from my camera, so she was a wonderful model for me!  I even got in the frame a little bit with her, because I think that's important for mommas to do.

Beckett couldn't escape my picture taking either though.  One day we went hiking and bug collecting and "just happened" to find a gorgeous field of wildflowers with perfect evening light.  ha!  Isn't it funny how that happens?  

I also practiced some macro photographing on things from our garden.  I never knew that green onions had a flower.  Hmmmm..

One day we walked around the boat docks at Grapevine Lake.  B had the best time looking at all the different types of sailboats - we also saw a turtle in the water, which was pretty exciting :).

We went to WinKids Gym one day.  It's the best way EVER to burn off energy, especially on rainy days.  

We broke out the slip and slide one day.  B hasn't quite mastered how it works - I think he needs a big kid to show him how it's done.  Basically he just scoots along, or just runs as fast as he can and end with a big foot swipe of water.

Marketstreet - oh how I love you.  Good food, amazing salad bar, restaurant, wine bar, AND a playground??? Yes, yes, yes!  I can't believe this concept isn't more prevalent.  

FInally….my girl.  I love her so very, very much.  She's all squish and smiles.  I swear there could not be a happier, sweeter baby.  

Dallas Zoo

Before our Dallas heat kicked in I really wanted to take the kiddos to the zoo.  It seemed like it would be such an adventure - 45 minute drive, a 4 month old, an almost 3 year, and tired ole me!  ha!  In fact, it was a bit of an adventure but not too hard and we had lots of fun!  

A month later and Beckett is still talking about it, which is a pretty good indicator that he had a really good time.  I think one of the neatest things we did was feed the giraffes.  Beckett also got right in the middle of the goats, and helped feed them too.  I'm pretty sure he has been absolutely terrified of them in the past, so I was proud to see him be brave and excited.  

A fun day with my babies!  We will do it again soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Infamous Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

This is the first year that Beckett has understood he has a birthday.  Which really means that he understands you have a party with cake and presents (the important part).  He has gone to several birthday parties lately, which really highlighted the excitement of CAKE and PRESENTS.  A few months before his birthday I asked him what he wanted to do.  He had actually just attended a classmate's party at Winkids Gymnastics and she had a Minnie Mouse theme.  So, naturally B wanted a Mickey Mouse party at Winkids.  Ha!  

I also began asking him what kind of presents he would like for his birthday.  His reply, "all of them, Momma.  I want all the presents."  Ok, buddy.  He never did give me any specifics.

The cutest thing was just how excited he was.  He really thought about his party NONSTOP.  All day every day.  Anytime a stranger would talk to him he would begin telling them about his Mickey Mouse Birthday party.  And that he was going to be three years old.  And he was going to have CAKE and PRESENTS!!

All of this talk about his party kind of made me get nervous.  I just wanted his day to be really special for him.  I wanted him to have a day he would remember and that lived up to whatever expectations he had built up in his little mind.  That's a lot of pressure!  :)  So, I just tried to include him in the planning of it as much as possible.  We had a lot of fun taking these pictures for his invitations.  And we also had a good time going to the party store for supplies, the cookie store for his M &  M cookie cake (another request), and the popcorn store for his party favors.  

It's just hard to believe that my sweet boy is a THREE year old.  Such a big boy.

Dear Reese: 4 Months

Dear Reese,

I think this month you have changed more than ever.  Gone is my newborn.  We now have a squishy, smiley, happy baby!!  

Lots of changes for you this month.  You have found your fingers and know how to keep them in your mouth.  You are better at the paci, but still not GREAT.  I have a feeling you could end up a thumb sucker. Around the middle of the 4th month you discovered your feet and love to put those in your mouth too!  

At the very end of your 3rd month you began sleeping in your bedroom.  This was huge for me.  I felt so sad that you weren't right beside me, but at the same time you are still the world's lightest sleeper so it's nice you have your own quiet room to sleep in!  I feel terrible, but your naps are so unpredictable - morning naps are usually in the car.  You do get a nice 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon (while brother sleeps too).  And at night you are a total rockstar - 7:30pm until 5:30 am.  You sleep all through the night!!!

Your brother ADORES you.  He calls you "reesa reesa" "baby gurrlll" and "sweet baby."  He is always kissing you, patting your head, and telling you "it's ok" whenever you fuss.  You light up when you see him too.  

Your momma and dada love you so much too!  We can't get enough of your squishy little cheeks.

You are a good sport about everything (even 100's of mom's pictures!).  You rarely cry, and that's only if you are VERY hungry or tired.  

You are getting better and better at tummy time.  Your little neck is so strong! You have also started scooting around, which is pretty cute.  To get these pictures I kept having to put you back on the cloth because you kept scooting off of it and laughing.  ha!

Your stats: 

Weight: 13.3 pounds (40%)
Height: 24.5 inches (45%)
Head: 39 inches (10%)

We love you sweet girl.