Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kidney Check

It's been a good week.... lots of positive things going on in the Mayo household.

We went to Beckett's checkup appointment at Dallas Children's on Monday.  We started by going to the imaging department for a sonogram.  After all of the awful testing that he had done before, this was such a piece of cake.  He pretty much just laid there and sucked on paci.  After that we went up to Urology and met with Dr. Bush.  She came in with a HUGE smile on her face and said his kidneys were growing, he was growing, and she was really happy with his progress.  Even some of the swelling and dilation had decreased.

Let me just repeat that.

She came in with a HUGE smile on her face and said his kidneys were growing, he was growing, and she was really happy with his progress.

Just typing it and reading it makes me teary eyed all over again.  I am SO thankful and SO overjoyed.  She went on to talk about the future and cited some studies done on cases like Beckett's.  Basically the two most precarious times are in the first year of life and during potty training.  She will continue to closely monitor him through potty training (sonograms every six months and such) and then he will be "on his own."  They will look carefully at the kidney growth and his growth.  If he was having complications, then he would not be growing and there would be other issues too.....

Of course, this is all pending that he doesn't get an infection.  If he DOES get an infection, then that will change things.  They will do the DMSA test again (UGH) and determine how bad the damage was.    From there we would decide if and when to do surgery.  She also said multiple times how at any other hospital in the country, he would have already undergone surgery. (And I know that's true from my own research on hospitals and doctors.)  I am incredibly grateful to have him at one of the very best urology departments in the country.  They are very conservative with surgery.

Dr. Bush also said that they have a couple other cases like Beckett's where the patients have not had to have surgery yet.   I was actually surprised that there were only two other cases like B's, given that their department has six doctors and a gajillion patients.  It just goes to show how fortunate we are to have escaped sickness and hospitals... so far.

AND, although it is considered a miracle for a grade 5 patient to outgrow reflux, Dr. Bush said that in his case and given how well he is doing there is a very small possibility that he could outgrow some of the reflux!  Of course, his right kidney will always be smaller and not function fully but STILL.  I was just beaming when I heard that.

Sooo, to sum it up I am a happy momma.  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Midweek Randoms

* Hope everyone is having a great week!  It's been verrrrry quiet around here.  Guy has been traveling every week, so it's just Mr. B and I piddling around the house.  Next week should be a bit busier.

* On Monday we go for Beckett's semi-annual testing at Dallas Children's.  It will be a very long day!  The last time Beckett did major testing he wasn't mobile and was pretty content to be held for the majority of the day.  I doubt we will have the same experience!  The hospital did call today to let us know what we owe. Ugh.  Well, we will at least make our deductible!

* The other day I was eating my lunch and crunch, crunch, crunch.... a filling in a tooth came out!  Yuck. The worst part is that of course we don't have dental insurance right now.  Guy's company is looking at getting it for us, but I don't think I can wait on them.  Bummer.

* I'm super excited for some upcoming activities.  On Saturday night we are going out with the Renters and Stoners to Deep Ellum.  We are going all fancy and getting a driver and everything.  It should be very fun!  Beckett's sweet little swim instructor is going to babysit, so he should be in good hands.

* I got all bored one day crafty and made these cute little Valentine Buckets.  I used picnik, inkjet vinyl, and pails from Jo-Ann's to make them.  I think I will make some Easter ones as well.  But, I would like to use larger paint size buckets.  Does anyone know where I can find them?

* For Valentine's Day Guy and I went to Blue Mesa for brunch.  It's soooo yummy!

*When I was preggo and looking at baby clothes I had discovered the world of monogramming and appliqués.  Seriously, soooo cute!  From there I became obsessed with being able to make appliqués.  I tried on my own with just my sewing machine, but it's not the same.  Well, I had put some money aside and for months have been searching for a good deal on an embroidery machine.  The other day I came across a used one for almost half off!  It arrived today!! Yippee!  I am still waiting on some parts (coming Monday) and I can hardly wait to get started.

* The weather has been COLD and Guy has been gone all but one day this week, so running hasn't really happened like I wanted it to.  My best run got cut short, but here it is:

2.6 miles @ 9:43 avg. min/mile

* I LOVE this video.  It's just part of a typical day of playing for Beckett.  He loves playing "games" with  me.  His two favorites are peek-a-boo and the "uh oh" game.  Most of the time when I give him a small object he will drop it too and crack up laughing.  It stopped being funny though when he dropped his mum-mum and I didn't pick it up.  Now THAT was a fit.  Anyhow, here is Beckett watching me drop his orange ball (which he loves rolling around).

Dear Beckett: 38 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

I don't even know where to begin.  To be honest, I have been so overwhelmed with your enormous developmental and physical leaps you have made over the past two weeks that I am behind on my letters to you.  I have been chasing you all over!  Yep, you are now a crawler.... and a fast one too! 

 It seemed to happen in just a matter of days.  You went from going a few steps at a time to suddenly making it across the room.  You make a B-line for many things - the fireplace, outlets, cords, dog bowls, lamps, and the oven just to name a few.  Toys are out and "no no's" are in.

I have tried to distract you with new toys and fun things to chomp on, but you are pretty determined to get into as much trouble as possible.  

One of your favorite discoveries are the rugs.  You are constantly looking under them.  

I have been SO proud!  You will often mimic me doing all sorts of activities.  For instance, when I tap two toys together, you will do the same.  Or if I drop an object and say "uh oh" you will drop it when I say "uh oh" again.  That and peek-a-boo are two of your favorite games!

We have stayed busy with other activities too.  You LOVE swimming lessons.  Our first class was a success.  You  had a great time splashing your hands in the water and watching other swimmers splash and kick.

Skills we work on are getting into the water safely, blowing bubbles, doing the "monkey crawl," splashing, kicking, laying on your back, and going under water.  I am pretty amazed that you are actually making progress in all of these skills!  After three lessons you will put your face in the water and not cry when going under.  

We have also tried some mess free finger painting.  

And a play date with Hattie.

I love this picture!  This was the first day you were really crawling all over.  She was faster getting to a toy than you and you did not like it one bit!  Look at that face!  I see a bit of your dad's competitiveness there.

All of this crawling has also made you a very hungry boy.  You have suddenly gone through a huge growth spurt.  You wear mostly 12-18 month clothes, especially in onesies and shirts.  Your pants tend to be 6-12 month sizes.

You love to feed yourself - baked potatoes and avocados are a new favorite.  And two more top teeth help you with your eating!

Water is delicious!  You are learning to use the sippy cup by yourself, but it tends to end up all over your clothes instead of in your mouth.

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day a little early.  You got to open presents from both set of grandparents.   Ribbons are lots of fun!

You are also doing a lot of babbling.  You love to say "guh, goo, geh," etc.  On several occasions you have repeated what I've said to you "goo goo gah gah" and "hi!"  Your dad and I both heard it as clear as can be!  I'm not ready to say that "hi" was your first word yet (although you have said it twice), but maybe if you do it again I will.  

You also like to make silly faces when you are talking!

Funny boy, you keep me laughing.

Your daddy also keeps me laughing.  He loves to play and be silly with you.

He says you are his best accessory.   According to him you complete any outfit.  Here's my models:

I'd say he's right!

But the past two weeks haven't been all fun and games.  For 5 days you ran a 101.5 temp.  Without any other symptoms, we worried that you had a UTI (which in your case would lead to a kidney infection and additional scarring).  Per doctor's orders we went to the Children's Hospital to do testing.  THANKFULLY, the test was negative!  We were so relieved!

We love you so much, sweet boy.  We can't believe how fast you are growing up!

We love you.