Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Infamous Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

This is the first year that Beckett has understood he has a birthday.  Which really means that he understands you have a party with cake and presents (the important part).  He has gone to several birthday parties lately, which really highlighted the excitement of CAKE and PRESENTS.  A few months before his birthday I asked him what he wanted to do.  He had actually just attended a classmate's party at Winkids Gymnastics and she had a Minnie Mouse theme.  So, naturally B wanted a Mickey Mouse party at Winkids.  Ha!  

I also began asking him what kind of presents he would like for his birthday.  His reply, "all of them, Momma.  I want all the presents."  Ok, buddy.  He never did give me any specifics.

The cutest thing was just how excited he was.  He really thought about his party NONSTOP.  All day every day.  Anytime a stranger would talk to him he would begin telling them about his Mickey Mouse Birthday party.  And that he was going to be three years old.  And he was going to have CAKE and PRESENTS!!

All of this talk about his party kind of made me get nervous.  I just wanted his day to be really special for him.  I wanted him to have a day he would remember and that lived up to whatever expectations he had built up in his little mind.  That's a lot of pressure!  :)  So, I just tried to include him in the planning of it as much as possible.  We had a lot of fun taking these pictures for his invitations.  And we also had a good time going to the party store for supplies, the cookie store for his M &  M cookie cake (another request), and the popcorn store for his party favors.  

It's just hard to believe that my sweet boy is a THREE year old.  Such a big boy.

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