Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dear Reese: 4 Months

Dear Reese,

I think this month you have changed more than ever.  Gone is my newborn.  We now have a squishy, smiley, happy baby!!  

Lots of changes for you this month.  You have found your fingers and know how to keep them in your mouth.  You are better at the paci, but still not GREAT.  I have a feeling you could end up a thumb sucker. Around the middle of the 4th month you discovered your feet and love to put those in your mouth too!  

At the very end of your 3rd month you began sleeping in your bedroom.  This was huge for me.  I felt so sad that you weren't right beside me, but at the same time you are still the world's lightest sleeper so it's nice you have your own quiet room to sleep in!  I feel terrible, but your naps are so unpredictable - morning naps are usually in the car.  You do get a nice 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon (while brother sleeps too).  And at night you are a total rockstar - 7:30pm until 5:30 am.  You sleep all through the night!!!

Your brother ADORES you.  He calls you "reesa reesa" "baby gurrlll" and "sweet baby."  He is always kissing you, patting your head, and telling you "it's ok" whenever you fuss.  You light up when you see him too.  

Your momma and dada love you so much too!  We can't get enough of your squishy little cheeks.

You are a good sport about everything (even 100's of mom's pictures!).  You rarely cry, and that's only if you are VERY hungry or tired.  

You are getting better and better at tummy time.  Your little neck is so strong! You have also started scooting around, which is pretty cute.  To get these pictures I kept having to put you back on the cloth because you kept scooting off of it and laughing.  ha!

Your stats: 

Weight: 13.3 pounds (40%)
Height: 24.5 inches (45%)
Head: 39 inches (10%)

We love you sweet girl.

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