Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh Toodles, Beckett is THREE!

As I had mentioned before, Beckett has been talking NONSTOP about his Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.  He talked about it with everyone.  Anytime a stranger would say hello, he would promptly begin discussing his party plans.  I'm pretty sure it was all he thought about for at least a month.  

It all started to make me nervous, because I couldn't imagine what he was actually dreaming up for his little party.  I just wanted it to be as special of a day as could be. 

He was very clear that he wanted a cookie cake, so Nestle Toll House came through on that one.  He also has a serious love of popcorn, so that made a perfect goodie treat for his guests.  We did a little decorating in the 10 minutes before the party started….

As soon as the party started he got right down to business….the foam pit was a hit with all.  Dada I think enjoyed it as much as the kids.

Once the guests arrived everyone sat in a circle to introduce themselves and show their favorite trick.  As you can see, B has a great trick - he can put his head between his legs and be upside down!  

Next up the kids got to ride on the giant swing.  I think this was Beckett's very favorite thing.  They go seriously high!  I thought he might get a little scared, but his face was pure joy.
Afterwards there was a lot more playing and running around.  

Group Silly Picture….

Finally it was time for cake!  B's face was glowing when everyone sang Happy Birthday.  He knew exactly what to do  - make a big wish, blow out the candles, and devour the cookie!  

Back home Beckett had a few friends over to play and enjoy pizza.  He got to open presents, which kind of put me over the edge since I couldn't keep up with who gave him what.  ha!  

Mission Accomplished, though.  Beckett had a wonderful birthday and he is still talking about it.  We are so proud and thankful for our big THREE year old!

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