Friday, June 13, 2014

Four Longggggg Weeks

Oh my word.  Guy traveled Sunday - Friday for FOUR WEEKS STRAIGHT.  Four.  Four VERY long weeks.  Let's just say that I have earned my mother of two badge.  

I decided that the only way to get through it with my sanity was to stay busy doing activities with the kids, take pictures (that makes me happy), and keep my coffee maker and wine corker handy :).  It worked… I managed to keep us all alive, hahaha!   

Here are a few things we have done over the last month….

Pictures of Reese - Little Reesey Roo can't shy away from my camera, so she was a wonderful model for me!  I even got in the frame a little bit with her, because I think that's important for mommas to do.

Beckett couldn't escape my picture taking either though.  One day we went hiking and bug collecting and "just happened" to find a gorgeous field of wildflowers with perfect evening light.  ha!  Isn't it funny how that happens?  

I also practiced some macro photographing on things from our garden.  I never knew that green onions had a flower.  Hmmmm..

One day we walked around the boat docks at Grapevine Lake.  B had the best time looking at all the different types of sailboats - we also saw a turtle in the water, which was pretty exciting :).

We went to WinKids Gym one day.  It's the best way EVER to burn off energy, especially on rainy days.  

We broke out the slip and slide one day.  B hasn't quite mastered how it works - I think he needs a big kid to show him how it's done.  Basically he just scoots along, or just runs as fast as he can and end with a big foot swipe of water.

Marketstreet - oh how I love you.  Good food, amazing salad bar, restaurant, wine bar, AND a playground??? Yes, yes, yes!  I can't believe this concept isn't more prevalent.  

FInally….my girl.  I love her so very, very much.  She's all squish and smiles.  I swear there could not be a happier, sweeter baby.  

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  1. I LOVE Market Street too!! We eat - drink- play there regularly. We might run into you sometime. Ha! Sweet pictures. Precious babies!!!