Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outside Fun

The other day I posted a some snowy day pictures and now we had a few perfect 70 degree days.  I always love an unexpected warm day in the middle of winter.  Those are the days you drop everything you had planned on doing and just spend it outside. So, that's exactly what we did!

Our warm day started off with a discovery.

I noticed B has something in his hands.  He's walking carefully (just shuffling along), and I can tell that he is being very careful with whatever it is he has.  Actually this same thing happened just the day before and it was a spider that was literally the size of his palm.  Naturally I freaked out but remembered that I had to put my boy mom pants on and so we talked about Mr. Spider and how he lives outside. Beckett was very careful and gently walked him out of the house into a flower pot.  And then I scrubbed his hands raw and looked for spider bites...ha!

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that this find was a sweet little lady bug.  That I can do.

B was very sweet with lady bug and knew he needed to go outside.  I about died because the second I opened the door outside he literally threw the lady bug like a grenade launcher out of the house.  So much for soft and gentle.

Next up we got our shoes on.  B insisted he do this himself.  So I parked myself on the floor and just took pictures.  I was there for awhile. (And no, he can not do that himself.)

We went on a very long walk that ended with visiting our favorite neighbors.  B has gradually got more comfortable feeding them on his own.  I cut the carrots into really long thin strips to avoid accidental  finger chomping.  

Later on B found another lady bug.  I reminded him to be soft and gentle with lady bug.  Beckett looked up at me, smiled, and promptly squished lady bug with his finger. RIP, lady bug.

Guy got home and they played ball in the yard for over an hour.  B LOVES to play ball with his Dada and could have been out there all night long running around.  

This is my favorite picture.  I may have to frame it because it just makes me happy.  Life with these two boys is just SO good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rock the Shot: January Submission

I'm definitely not a New Year's Resolutions gal (it pretty much doesn't matter what time of year it is, I am constantly trying to improve something - ha), but I have decided to commit to doing more photo challenges this year.  I'm pretty comfortable taking my family's pictures so it's time I branched out and challenged myself.  And that is why I love Rock the Shot!  You can check them out at  Each month I plan to submit a photo for their monthly challenge.

And it's kinda scary because I am just another mom with a camera - not a professional.  But I'm learning and I think I have grown a lot this year.

This month's theme was actually super easy - your favorite photo of 2012.   Well, maybe not so easy.  I have many, many favorites and all for so many different reasons.  But because this was a year of growth I am going to choose a photo that I shot on the fly - I didn't plan on taking this picture so I had to quickly switch my settings in manual.  It was tricky since it was inside a car with really bright sunlight shining through the windows.  But, I think I nailed it!  I'm proud to have captured a funny moment without 20 shots just to "get it right."

On a hot summer day, nothing feels better than climbing into the front seat and getting a blast of AC!

Gymnastics Fun. Or Maybe Notsomuch Fun.

Beckett has started attending a toddler gymnastics class once a week.  It's so ideal - close by, perfect time, a well paced class, and a little socialized structure for Mr. B.  And he really loves it, or at least I thought he was loving it... ha!

Last week he was very fortunate to have Gigi come to town and take him to class.  I was really crossing my fingers that he would be a better listener and direction follower than he was the previous week!  (Yeah, he was that kid that refused to do what ALL the other kids were doing.)

At first it seemed to go pretty well.  He was clearly having so much fun investigating and crawling around.

And it was kinda funny when he decided to sit ON Gigi rather that next to her... (good thing she is a trooper)

But then notice here that Beckett is nowhere to be found.  

Oh yes, here is our son.  Exactly where he is not suppose to be. What a stinker!

And then he noticed that Guy and I were watching him on the other side of the glass.  That's when it all went downhill.  I really felt sorry for Gigi and kinda for myself because I'm pretty sure all eyes were on Beckett when he had a meltdown and just wanted OUT of there.  Nice.

Thank goodness the instructor still had a few tricks up her sleeve.  Playing ball will always get B's attention.

So, we still have a long ways to go with gymnastics.  I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow's class will go a little smoother - I will keep you posted!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Surprise Snow Day

A couple of days ago we had the best surprise!  (Or at least it was to me, but then again I never watch the news/weather unless Guy is home).  I woke up to the most beautiful sight - a snowy morning! 

Since this was Beckett's second snowy day he was especially excited to check out the winter wonderland.  The snow was just tapering off by the time it was light enough and we had both bundled up.  I managed to get one "falling snow" picture and I am so glad I did!

He had the best time running around and exploring.  One of his favorite things to do is to climb up the little bank at the edge of our backyard and then run down.  This is extra fun to do in the snow!

He thought it was hilarious that his toys were covered with the funny cold stuff.  But then it wasn't so funny when he figured out that his lawn mower and ride on car just wouldn't move the same in the snow...


I love this picture.  He had tripped over the leaf pile and fallen.  Beckett is certainly all boy, but he has always hated getting his hands dirty.  He flat out refused to even attempt getting up because that would mean putting his hands in the leaf pile.  So he just sat there and waited for me to pick him up.  

What a stinker!

The snow all melted just a few hours later.  Oh, but it was fun while it lasted!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Picture Dump

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