Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Beckett: Christmas Part 3

Der Beckett,

We woke up Christmas morning and drove to Norman to celebrate with Grandma and P-pa.  You were pretty tired, so while you napped we opened gifts.

That took a couple of hours!  

We were all spoiled by Santa!

You made foot print plates for your grandparents this year.  They loved your gift :).

You finally woke up and got to open all of your gifts.  You got lots of toys for now and for a few months down the road, pi's, an outdoor swing, a red wagon, and money for your college fund.


Opening presents is hard work!

We cleaned up and just played for a while.  Despite teething and two very busy days, you were in a great mood - all smiles and giggles.

We loaded up the cars, and headed back to Gigi and Thunder's for one last night in Oklahoma. It had been a wonderful week, but it was time to get home and back to our normal routine.  Everyone was very sad to see you leave!

We love you.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Beckett: Christmas Part 2

Dear Beckett,

We spent Christmas Eve with Thunder, Gigi, Uncle Alex, and Aunt Jess.

The day was spent cooking,

taking pictures,

playing around,

and, of course, opening presents!  Thunder and Gigi really know how to pick out good ribbons and tissue paper.  Delicious!

You received lots of very thoughtful gifts.  

And so did everyone else!

I love this cow rocker.  You look less like a baby and more like a little boy on it.  Your favorite thing is tags, so you were happy :).

It was such a fun and special day.  

We love you.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Beckett: Christmas Part 1

Dear Beckett,

We traveled to Oklahoma and stayed with Gigi and Thunder for your first Christmas.  Your Dad says that next year we will be in our own home, but we will see.  Being with family is so important and fun! But we are also anxious to have Santa come to our house and start our own traditions too.

On Tuesday we drove straight in and stopped by to see Aunt Aimee and your sweet cousins Allison and Colin (Uncle Dan was working).

 They were so excited to see and play with you.  Can they come babysit?  

Allison and Colin helped you unwrap all of your gifts (more on that soon, but they were so thoughtful!).  You love wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper.... all perfect items for the mouth!

I love this picture..... 

Merry Christmas, Jones Family!

The next couple of days were spent relaxing and hanging out. Gigi and Thunder did some babysitting while Mom and Dad went out Wednesday and Thursday.  We hear you were quite entertaining!

(Please note your skinny jeans!  So stylish Mr. B)

Gigi broke out some "old school" baby entertainment.  Nothing beats a paper bag to kick on!

And, of course, anytime I have a little bit of free time I love to take your picture.  

This picture makes me smile and I am so glad I caught it.  All week you made this face - scrunched up nose and you would breathe through your nose really hard.  Sometimes you would do it when you didn't like something or were playing hard.  But, just like so many baby mannerisms, you have stopped it just as suddenly as it started.

I also really love baby skin rolls. :)

We also spent a lot of time trying to help ease your teething pain.  You are getting your top two front teeth and they have really bothered you.  So, you were given all sorts of cold things to gnaw on.  A hunk of carrot was your favorite.  You would use your bottom teeth to shave off little pieces.

On Friday Cori and Hayden came over.  You thought Hayden was pretty interesting!

Opening presents was fun too!

We love you.