Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Beckett: 14 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

Although you are now 14 weeks old, you officially turned THREE months this week!  What a milestone.... you have grown and changed in so many ways.

You wear size two diapers and 6 month clothes.  You weigh 14 pounds!  

(Enough with the pictures, Mom!)

You had a great time in Oklahoma.  Everyone loved showering you with attention, and I don't think you minded one bit!  You are such a "people person" and love to smile and coo.  You are laughing more and more - it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard.  I can't imagine a happier baby.

While we were in Oklahoma you got to SWIM!  I had been dying to take you.  We absolutely couldn't believe how much you enjoyed it.  You just smiled and kicked you legs.  You didn't even mind getting splashed or your head accidentally under the water (oops!).  Afterwards you took your first shower and did great with that too.  Not one single fuss!

When we got home we inadvertently started you on sleeping in your own room instead of with us.  We couldn't get your portable crib (what you normally sleep in) to set up correctly, so you slept in your room by yourself for the very first time.  It made me very sad and I have to admit that I really missed you sleeping right there beside me.  You also seem to miss it because you are not sleeping nearly as well.  You are waking up several times a night (normally just once, but in Oklahoma you slept ALL night twice!).  I am debating putting you back in your portable crib with us, but we both just need to adapt the best we can.  

Here you are with Dad as he takes his afternoon nap.  Two peas in a pod!

You look just like your Daddy in these pictures.

We love you.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Beckett's BIG Day

For two months now I felt like we have been in limbo.  We have waited and waited for this day to come - testing on Beckett's kidneys to determine how they are functioning.  Two months ago we had learned from previous testing at Dallas Children's Hospital that he had grade 5 kidney reflux.  We left that appointment devastated and with a million different questions.  Unfortunately none of our questions could be answered until we knew the results of today's testing.  Such a long, long wait.

Guy and I were up and drinking coffee by 4:30 this morning.  It just seemed better to do something rather than laying in bed thinking.  By 7:15 we were packed and ready and on our way downtown.  It's a good thing we arrived early because they sent us to two different offices in the Ambulatory Pavillion before we finally figured out that we should be in the main building.  After navigating the ENORMOUS hospital (and it's under construction), we finally got to admitting and then on to the Radiology department.  We must have walked two miles just to finally get to the right spot.

I had packed every toy, book, blanket, paci, etc, etc, that I could think of.... so that of course meant that we had to forget something really important.  Yeah, a stroller would have been nice.  I'm sure Guy's arms are throbbing right about now!

Beckett was given an IV to inject the medicine to for the DMSA procedure.  Poor baby was SO tired and wanted to fall asleep desperately, but I didn't want him to be woken up by the pain of a needle - it just seemed too mean.   So he cried for just a minute while the needle was going in and then fell asleep.  He even got some sugar water to help him relax!

After that we rushed off to complete the sonogram.  He looks so little on that big bed!!

One the sonogram was over we had about an hour and a half to grab a delicious hospital breakfast and then find a spot to hang out and kill time.  I spoke with the insurance company and heard some good news - once they heard the results of the test they would rush our application to the underwriters so that we are hopefully approved for new insurance!  This is wonderful because I really didn't want to put Beckett on a temporary insurance plan that wouldn't cover his kidney condition.

Next up we went back to radiology to complete the DMSA test.  They taped him to the bed, but it really wasn't a big deal.  After enduring the last test (baby rotisserie), this was a piece of cake.  I got to hold his hand the whole time.  In fact he just sucked on his paci and smiled most of the time.  Such a sweet, sweet boy!


Finally we navigated our way back to our car and to the Ambulatory Pavillion to meet with Dr. Harrison about the results.  I was pretty much a nervous wreck.

On a side note though...... Nothing, NOTHING puts your life into perspective until you spend a day at a children's hospital.  We saw so many sweet little angels who were hooked up to machines and wore masks, confined to wheelchairs, and had major deformities.  I can't even begin to imagine how their parents must feel.  At one point we went into a sedation room to weigh him (a chunky 14.4 pounds!) and it was filled with children in beds and on machines.  I physically had to will myself to go in there with Beckett.  I have never felt that panicky protection feeling before.

We are so fortunate that Beckett has one perfectly healthy kidney and his issue is not life threatening.  It can be fixed.

Finally Dr. Harrison arrived and gave us the news..... Beckett's right kidney is functioning at 41% (58% on the left).  This isn't great, but it's not horrible either.  Basically it tells us that the kidney is dysplastic (not formed correctly) and isn't fully functional.  But we don't have to schedule a surgery unless he gets an infection.  One infection and he will most likely have to have reimplementation surgery.  Two infections and he will definitely have to have it.  We also learned that this is genetic and his siblings will have a 40% chance of also having kidney reflux or other kidney issues.  Not what I wanted to hear.  BUT we are stopping the antibiotics, which is a relief.  They are pretty controversial and I hated giving my infant that medicine.

So, yes we did have good news.  Some not so good too.  And I feel like we are still in limbo.  We go back in six months for another sonogram.  They will continue to monitor him and we are to continue to watch for signs of an infection.  I try hard not to be neurotic about checking him for an infection, but I can't help it.  I check his temperature every day, smell his wet diaper (oh yes I do), and constantly question how fussy is "sick" fussy.   But mostly, I just soak up every minute with him.

Hospital Giggles Video

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Norman Trip

We spent half the week in Norman and it felt SO GOOD to be home and around our family and friends.  And boy were we busy!

Wednesday evening we took Beckett for his first swim!  More details to come on Monday's "Dear Beckett" post, but as you can tell he loved the water.  We had SO much fun!

The next morning Beckett and I got to tour my dad's office.  He works at Chesapeake and it was definitely worth a tour!  It feels like the ultimate college campus......except people work there.

Beckett just hang out and slept for the tour.

The brick building is the CEO's office.  They are building him a new one where the fenced area is.  His old office will then become the Chesapeake Museum.  Yes, you read that  Behind that is the soccer fields.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of the grounds.  It's really pretty because the walkways are all landscaped and follow a winding creek.

 Hmmmm.... doesn't really compare to Wellington's grassless soccer field and "serene" mouse infested garden, does it?

 The gym is pretty amazing.  I have never seen anything like it.  It would inspire anyone to workout!  They have every machine imaginable, plus a swimming pool, basketball court, lacrosse, masseuse, and all kinds of classes. 

 Anyone up for some "Dance Dance Revolution" on their lunch break?

After our tour we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch with Aimee, Mimi, and Colin.  Beckett got lots of lovings!

 We capped off the day by visiting Gigi and Thunder and joining Damon, Cori, and Hayden for dinner.

The next morning Gary and Guyla came over to swim with Beckett.  We had the best time watching his expressions and playing with him.

That evening my parents thew a little neighborhood meet and greet for Beckett.  Most of the neighbors have lived in their homes for twenty years or more, so everyone is very close.  I loved introducing Beckett to them.

We left about 7:45 that evening and made it home by 11:00 p.m.  Traveling during bedtime is the way to go!  And now I had better continue my efforts on the endless unpacking, laundry, and cleaning.  Why is it that one little person adds about three times the work for these sorts of things?

Guess he's worth it :).