Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Beckett: 13 Months

Dear Beckett,

You are now 13 months old.  They say that being a parent just gets better and better, and it is so true.  More and more of your spunky personality, likes/dislikes, and physical abilities are emerging and it is just SO much fun.  Your dada and I wonder what we did before we had you!

Here's what your little life is like right now:

Weight: somewhere over 23 pounds (we guess) 

Diaper Size: 3 or 4, depending on the brand

Clothing Size: 18 months.  In jammies you wear 18-24 months.

Physical Description: Bright blue eyes, lots of very light brown (Almost blonde) hair, average weight/height, long torso, size 3.5 shoe, three freckles, nine teeth (you are getting your molars right now....ouch!), one dimple on the right

Physical Development: You went through a major growth spurt right after your birthday.  We can always tell because your face and neck will plump up and then you will practically double the length of your naps for several days straight.  Afterwards we saw some major developmental changes.  You are still not walking on your own, but love for us to hold your hands so that you can walk.  

Words: Dog, Mama, hi, yum yum, good, (ball and bye bye - but you haven't said them in awhile), and your newest word is truck.  I think you also say more and up, but I'm not positive.  By far your favorite word is dog - all animals and many objects are all dogs!  Right after your birthday you started to show the sign for airplane.  Since we live right over the DFW flightpath, you sign this about 30 times a day.  You also wave hello and can point to eyes.   

Personality: Right after your birthday you started to act shy around strangers.  You will turn your head or lay it on our shoulder if we are holding you.  You warm up quickly though!  You have also gotten cuddlier, which is just fine with us.  

Favorite Books:  Right now your very favorite book is the Caterpillar Book.  You also love the "funny faces" books that have bright primary colors and lights/sounds.  You love books that have flaps to open or things to touch.

Favorite Games: You still love chase, throwing balls, peek-a-boo, and opening and closing doors.   

Favorite things to do: You are now giving kisses ALL THE TIME (especially to the dogs and dada).  It's really just the most precious thing.  If we ask you for a kiss, you usually give us one.

Favorite toys: Your blue car that we push you around in, the small cars that you use as walkers all over the house, ball pit, Playskool ball popper, and Thomas the Train.

Favorite Foods: Since you are getting your molars right now, you have been eating less and are much pickier.  One day you will gobble up a food and the next day you push it away.  Most of the time you enjoy Yo Baby yogurt, Cheerios, goldfish, all types of bread, turkey, cheese, raspberries, and baby food pouches that you can suck on.  Right after your birthday I stopped nursing, which was very bittersweet.  We have been working on weaning from a formula bottle and are now down to just one morning bottle a day.  

Sleeping: You often wake up around 5:45-6:30, but occasionally still sleep until 7:15 or so.  You take two naps, with your morning nap being your longest and most important.  You go to sleep with a pacifier and your favorite furry friends - Moose (your #1), Omar Sadiki, Special Bunny, and Gary the Gator.

We love you so much, sweet boy.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Dump

We're back from a full week in Oklahoma.  Man oh man, I have so much to write and share about!  It was a fantastic trip, truly.   And I have about 2,000 (literally) pictures to go through.  So it's going to take me awhile before I get a chance to do my blog posts.  A few months ago I started shooting in RAW - I do love it, but it requires you to process every. single . image.  It's time consuming for sure.  Anyhow, it makes blogging take 10 times as long.

And I just realized that my baby boy is 13 months.  I need to write his "Dear Beckett" post asap. 

So, in the meantime, here are some random pics until then.

Testing out my new camera trigger remote   

Being silly

Watching golf and testing out the the car seat

Basketball with dada

Father's Day morning - sleepy boys

BLUE eyes (no photoshop enhancement!)

Munching on mulch

Big boy

Our family

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

 If Beckett could talk (more than his 6 words), I'm sure he would say this...

Dear Dada,

You are my best buddy.  Like your Mickey Mouse pancakes and syrup, we just go together.  Who else can make me giggle like you?  Or play rough then cuddle with me until I fall asleep on your chest?  No one else shares our love of meat, playing catch, or watching airplanes.  I hope you have the best day, Dada.  I love you.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Year Pics.... (way late)

I kind of forgot that I never posted these.... we did one year pictures for Beckett about a month ago.  I picked a few of them to post....

First we did some family shots.  

This one is probably my favorite.

I also really like this one.  I wish he had been looking directly at the camera, but that RARELY happens.

Then we moved on to the best part... a cake smash!  Surprisingly B did not go quite as crazy as we thought he might.  Although he did enjoy it....

Such a stinker!  What do you think about the banner and bow tie?  Cute, yes?  I made them!  I used the same fabrics and patterns for his birthday party.  

I think he kind of looks like me here.  (99% of the time he looks like Guy)

What do you think?

Baby Missy, Baby Beckett, Baby Guy