Friday, April 27, 2012

Best $15.00 I have ever spent....

I was at Target the other day and picked up this steal.  A crab baby pool?  Sounds good to me...

This kid is a fish.....

He makes me so happy :).

Midweek Randoms... Okay, maybe end of week randoms?

* I am slightly obsessed with the "Lemon Zest" Luna bars.  Typically, a lemon granola bar would not appeal to me but these remind me of those delightful lemon spritzer Girl Scout cookies.  Delish, I tell ya.

* I ran only once in California and only once since I have been back, so I'm wayyyyyy nervous about next week's White Rock Race.  I will be able to do it, but I just want to be as fast as possible!

*My baby is wearing shoes.  Shoes!  And not just for looks, he actually needs them.  This is craziness.

* I am thisclose to finishing up the picture updates in our house.  I have been busy adding about 30 new pictures around the house, and it's taken forever to get the frames painted/chosen and hung, custom mats picked, and pictures selected.  I will be happy when I get it done!  It was just time to redo some of the wall decor in our house.  Plus I have a pretty cute little photo subject!  One of the hardest things was narrowing down which pictures to hang up.

* I bought some hanging baskets from Costco the other day.  Only $16.99!  I thought that was a pretty decent price for such huge plants and nice wire baskets.

* Beckett and I were at Whichwich the other day and this group of beautiful early twenty something year olds walk in.  They were all fashionable and whatnot.  One of the girls came up to me and commented on my necklace.  Then Beckett saw her and started flirting (big grins!).  She asked me if he was my son, so I proudly said yes.  THEN she said... "Wow!  Now this is what I aspire to when I become a mom.  You look so cute and put together.  And happy!"  Now isn't that just the nicest, best compliment in the world?  I can't imagine anyone aspiring to be me, but it definitely made my day.  And it also got me thinking about how nice it is to hear a compliment.  I think nice things in my head, but I need to verbalize them more.

* I haven't started on our vacation post because I am so overwhelmed with all of the pictures and where to even begin.  It's kinda stressing me out, which is silly.  Here's a few pics though....

* I was cleaning out my desk the other day and I found this old birthday card from Guy.  It's just SO Guy.  I love it.  I love him.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Beckett: 45 and 46 Weeks

I meant to post this before we left for vacation, but it just didn't happen.... better late than never!

Dear Beckett,

I am LOVING this age right now.  Can we please stop time?  It is just not OK that you will turn 1 year old in just 5 short weeks.

You have always been independent, but now that you are understanding "no" a little bit more and are less interested in fireplaces and light sockets we can take our eyes off of you for more than 5 seconds.  You love to play by yourself (usually with books, balls, or trucks) and don't mind crawling off into a different room by yourself to play.  You will play for 30 minutes on your own without even trying to look for us.  

Of course, you are never really out of our sight :).

Two of your favorite things to play with are the bathroom scale and any type of doors.  You love to open and shut doors over and over again.  

If it has a hinge, you are all over it.

The past two weeks we have celebrated several firsts.  

Your first Easter was lots of fun.  You are still playing with your plastic eggs and basket!  

But another first was NOT so fun.  We took you for your first haircut his week.   You are incredibly laid back about so many things - 

loud noises? - You think they are funny
missed a nap? - You power on through
an entire day of errands in the car seat and stroller? -  no big deal
strangers? You love them

So we didn't think one thing about getting a haircut.  

You were just fine playing with the trains while waiting....

But it quickly went downhill.  Not even the paci soothed you.

Pretty sad, huh?  As soon as it was over you perked right up and were just fine though.

You were also busy with a few other activities...

Playing with Hadley.

Playing with Dada.

Shopping with Mom.

And birthday celebrating with Carter. (Which you did in style.  Who says you can't wear pj's to a party?)

One of the things your Dada and you LOVE to do is play catch.  You will really throw the ball back to him!  It's pretty darn cute.  In fact, you added a new word - BALL!  It's no surprise really, because playing with a ball is one of your favorite activities.

He loves you so much and is so proud of you!

We love you.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bottles and Bath Time

One of my favorite rituals with Beckett is our evening routine.  I love the sweet cuddle time that I get when giving him his last bottle, his splashes in the bath tub, his careful attention to the stories I read, and his big smile when I sing him songs.  It just makes me happy.

Last night Guy got some video of me putting B down.  I thought I would share....

Usually we always give him his bottle in his bedroom, but last night he was being so funny I didn't want to move him.  Over and over again he yelled "DOG!'  For some reason he started to make it sound more like "gah," but he had been saying it correctly all day.  

And, here he is in the tub.  He was just dying laughing.  I swear a baby's laughter is the best sound in the world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midweek Randoms

* I am officially signed up for the White Rock n Roll 5 mile race!!  Whoop! Whoop!  And I believe I have corralled two friends into doing it with me.  I have done a ton of 5k races, but never any farther.  I think I will be ready.

* My friend Charlsi had her baby!  We got to go up to the hospital to meet her.  She, of course, is precious.  I forget how tiny they are.  And how could Beckett have been nearly 2 pounds smaller than she is?

Doesn't Charlsi look fantastic?

After our hospital visit we went to one of our favorite deli's for a sandwich.  We used to go there all the time whenever I would have my (MANY) doctor visits or our baby class.  So, it was kinda funny to be back there with Beckett.  I had my camera and evening light was perfect, so of course I just had to get a few shots....

* I got to make a birthday shirt for a little sweetheart.  Miss Lydia Grace is just about the most grown up, sweetest kindergartner I have ever met.  She is having an American Girl Doll party, so "Jenny" needed a shirt too.

The cupcake pattern is the same one I did for Teagan.

* I made a "crescent chicken" recipe from pinterest this week and it was just terrible.  Terrible.  Blah, I hate when I get all excited about a new recipe and it turns out gross.  Such a waste of time, money, and calories!

* We have been eating at least one meal a day outside.  The weather has just been so perfect.  I feel like we have actually had a spring!  I'm going to miss these days come August.

* Beckett loves his Easter eggs.  He still thinks they all have puffs inside of them, so whenever he finds them he gets excited and tries to find the puffs.

* Our backyard is filled with hundreds of butterflies right now.  They are so pretty!

Hope you have a great week!