Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Beckett: 27 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving this week.  Yes, you have topped our thankful list!  Since everyone else was enjoying a yummy meal, we thought you would like to as well.  Now that you have finally reached the six month mark, we gave you your first real food...rice cereal!

It didn't really go like we thought it would.  Knowing how badly you have been wanting to eat and how you are ALWAYS hungry, we thought you would happily scarf down the cereal.  

You scarfed it down, but not happily.  In fact, you were pretty mad about it!  You wanted to feed yourself  and fought me every time I tried to take the spoon away.  You did NOT like the interruption of me having to get more cereal on the spoon.  Maybe because you are used to milk coming to you steadily?

We have continued to give you cereal once or twice a day.  You are getting more patient with it.  

We spent the entire week in Oklahoma.  You did great! Of course, everyone loved having you around.

Even Sam tolerated enjoyed your visit.

At the end of our trip we went to an indoor studio and took pictures of the family.  You weren't feeling too photogenic, but we did get a few cute ones for our Christmas cards.

When we got home we were amazed by how much you had changed in one week.  You can now sit up for 10-15 minutes on your own without falling over.  You can also manipulate your toys better and are really good at getting your paci in your mouth quickly.  What a big boy you are!

We love you.



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Home, sweet, home.... we are back from Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!  Beckett and I left Sunday morning and drove straight to Cori's for sweet little Hayden's 1st Birthday party.  It really doesn't seem like it was a year ago that she was born.

I just love the cute pumpkin theme that they had.  It was a packed house, but Hayden was all smiles and did GREAT.  Damon made the toy chest that she is sitting on.  Isn't it neat?  She will always cherish that.

We stayed at my parents house this year.  We were busy all week.  There were breakfast plans, lunch plans, and even a big date night for Guy and I.  

Guy surprised me by making reservations at "The Haunted House."  It is a restaurant that has definitely earned its name.  It's a really old, super creepy house that is literally in the boonies.  The one way road through the unlit woods plus the three unsolved murders that occurred there really get you unsettled.  Oh what?  It isn't completely twisted that we ate at the scene of three separate murders?  Yeah, told you it earned its name!  

But the food was really yummy. 

Our attempt to get pics was pretty lame, but here you go.  

We had Thanksgiving #1 at Gary and Guyla's.  The Memphis crew came into town, so it was fun to catch up with everyone.  On a side note, Guyla made a pumpkin cheesecake from the November issue of Southern Living and it was to.die.for.  Combine that we her famous apple cider cocktails and I was in sugar heaven.  

We then headed back to my parent's for Thanksgiving #2.  Isn't' this a good picture of all of us?  Their street was SO beautiful with all of the autumn trees.  

On Friday we went to an awesome photography studio that lets you rent their space for super cheap.  You just bring your camera and they have all of the lighting, back drops, and props for you.  I was in heaven, and Guy was horrified.  "Grreeeaat," he said, "now we get to do this every time we come to Oklahoma."  Yep, honey, you are correct. 

We got some cute ones for the Christmas cards.

Guy wanted to add in the baseball props.  B just wanted to have baseball snack.

We also got a ton of shots with all of the Memphis family, but I haven't really gone through those too much yet.  But this one is by far my favorite.....  

I have the best in-laws!

Well that about wraps up the highlights.  It was a great week.  And pretty soon we will  be back in town for Christmas.  Yikes!  I need to do some Christmas shopping!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Beckett: 26 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

You are now 26 weeks old, which makes you exactly 1/2 a year.  This is so bittersweet.  We love watching you learn and grow,  but it's all happening faster than I can keep up with.

All of a sudden you have gotten so good at sitting up.  You can last for about 30 seconds or so before losing your balance.  We can tell that you really like to play with your toys while sitting, instead of laying on the ground (where you usually end of just playing with your toes!).

Unfortunately, you have lost the newborn sleepiness.  I can no longer count on you taking your naps while I run errands :(.  Car rides still put you to sleep, but you wake up SO easily now.  I guess we will have to start being home during your nap times now.

This week Grandma came for a visit.  She missed you so much!  You got LOTS of attention during her stay.

We also set up the Christmas decorations this week.  You were a big helper :).  We are ridiculously excited about your very first Christmas.  (I think I know a few grandparents who are too....)

You got to go to your first birthday party this week.  Little Madeline Seward turned one!  She was so sweet with you and even gave you a big, wet, slobbery kiss.  (You kissed back!)

It's crazy to us that your first birthday will be here before we know it.  Yikes!

We love you.