Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cooking Our Way Out of a Food Rut

The menu at Casa de Mayo has been pretty pathetic the past few months.  Toward the end of my pregnancy I certainly didn't feel like cooking a big dinner or doing loads of dishes.  So, we pretty much had the same tried and true quick recipes or picked up sandwiches or take out for dinner.

Last week I was working on a grocery list and preparing to go to the store (not kidding - it had seriously been over a MONTH since I had gone to the store.  I just sent Guy, so you can imagine what random "treats" he came home with).  When I asked Guy what sounded good he claimed that he would refuse to eat anything that wasn't something different.  In fact, he said it with a definite tone of sass... ha!  He claimed that his refined palate deserved more than what I had been offering.  But, truthfully I kinda agreed - one can only eat some version of chicken casserole a certain number of times.

So, we decided to each find two brand new recipes to try....

Guy found his in about 2.5 seconds from the Grilling Bible.  He chose Chicken Fajita Wraps and Stuffed  Chicken Rolls.  The Chicken Rolls were good, but we decided they weren't good enough to make again.  The Chicken Fajita Wraps were excellent and easy!  The best part was the salsa - you combine tomatoes, green chilies, onion, cilantro and Lawry's Garlic and Herb Marinade .  Easy, yummy, and a little different than just the usual grilled onions and peppers for fajitas.

The Grilling Bible

After perusing a dozen cookbooks, carefully analyzing the ingredients/prep time/level of diificulty, and basically wasting two hours of my life, I finally found my two recipes - Weeknight Bolognese from the Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That? cookbook and Two-Corn Polenta with Tomatoes, Basil and Cheese from Cooking Light.  I made tweaks to both, but they were so delicious and will definitely be on our dinner rotation.

How Easy Is That?. Ina Garten

Since then I have made several other new recipes - Shrimp Tacos with Mango Avacado Salsa and Cinnamon Chip Scones.  Both will be made again, but especially those scones!  I can't stop eating them!

So, tried and true is good but it's good to "spice" it up a bit :). 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Beckett: 5 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

We are seeing more and more of your dad in you everyday.  You look the same and even have the same mannerisms.  Two peas in a pod!

You both LOVE your naps!

I wonder if your personality will be anything like mine.... or will you be Guy Mayo Junior?

This week we went to your one month appointment.  You AMAZED the nurse and Dr. Harpavat with your growth!  You now weigh 8 pounds 3 ounces - up from the 5th percentile to the 15th!!!  You have also grown 2 inches, which puts you at the 35th percentile for height.  Your head measures 37.25 inches.  Your newborn clothes are starting to get snug, so you have started to wear 0-3 month sizes.

Now that you have grown past 8 pounds, you were able to try the Baby Bjorn carrier for the first time.  You loved being snuggled up to me and happily sucked on your paci and looked up at my face.  

We have been out and about more and more.  The temperature now though is SO HOT!  Most days it is 100 degrees, so we try not to expose you to the heat too much.  Not that you seem to mind.... you always fall right to sleep in your car seat.  Ha!

On Friday we went to Dallas Children's Hospital to do testing on your kidneys. 

The first test was a sonogram, which was a piece of cake.  You happily sucked on your doggie Wub-a-Nub.

The next test was NOT so fun :(.  You had to be strapped to a board and poked and prodded.  I just about cried along with you! 

We learned that you have 5th degree Kidney reflux.  However, we know you are such a fighter and if there's any little boy that can grow out of and overcome this, it's YOU.  We are thankful to live in Dallas and have access to one of the top ten urology departments in the country.

We love you.




Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Beckett: 4 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

Your Daddy and I truly cannot believe that you are one month old!  It seems like you could only be two weeks.  Maybe.

Your parents have a slight obsession with your little toes right now.

This week you have GROWN!  At the beginning of the week you began your three week growth spurt.  You wanted to eat all the time.  Your newborn clothes are now snug and you can wear some 0-3 month onesies.  When you were born your little body was so tiny - instead of rolls of fat you had rolls of skin.  Now your face and neck have filled out and you have a little more meat on your legs.  It seems you are finally fitting into your skin! You now weigh 7 pounds 6 ounces.

And, since you are really growing up to be a big boy, you went on a second date with Miss Hattie Jane.

Oh, yes, we really did do this to you.  :)

On Tuesday we took you to the ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat doctor) to fix your tongue tie.  The doctor had to snip the extra bit of "skin" under your tongue.  You cried for just a minute then fell asleep in Mom's arms.  What a champ!

This morning I read a book to you, Peek-a-Boo I Love you.   You amazed us by following along, page by page.  We watched your eyes follow my fingers as I read the words and pointed them to you.  We think you are Super Baby!

We love you.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Beckett is lucky to have such a good daddy....

Guy loves to play with him, watch over him, and even change his diapers. :)

We celebrated Guy's first Father's Day with a yummy dinner (I made a new recipe!) and a couple of little gifts from Beckett.  Guy also spent a lot of the day watching the U.S. Open, which was his idea of heaven.

Happy Father's Day, Guy.  We love you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hadley's Sip and See

 The weekend before last I helped to host a Sip and See for these sweet girls....

Miss Hadley Jane was born April 17th.  She's beautiful like her momma, but looks a whole lot like her Daddy!

The Sip and See was held at the Renter's new home.  I just love their beautiful kitchen.  It makes me want to cook!

Since Beckett was not even two weeks old, he got to come crash the party too!  He enjoyed getting some love from Charlsi.

The handsome guy on the right was there to help with Beckett.....but...... somehow ended up "sipping" a lot of beer and not "seeing" as many poopie diapers as I was?!?  Ha!  I kid, he was very helpful :).


How cute are they?  Beckett and Hadley's first date! xoxoxo

Congratulations to the Stoner Family! So happy to get to celebrate your newest member's arrival!

Monday, June 13, 2011

3 weeks!

My sweet baby boy is three weeks old today...

Dear Beckett,
   In your third week of life you continue to bring us such joy!  We laugh at every little smile, squirm, sound, and expression you make. 

     We went to back to the pediatrician's office today.  A few days ago we had noticed a pretty decent size knot on the back of your head. :( Thankfully, Dr. Harpavat confirmed that it was just a hematoma (blood build up between the scalp and skin) from the birth.  We were so proud of you because you hardly fussed or cried the whole time you were being poked and prodded!  And we are especially proud of how much you now weigh... 7lbs. 3 oz!!  Today you have been an eating MACHINE.  We think you are going through a growth spurt.  This makes your daddy extra happy because he predicts you will be big and strong, just like him!

     This week we have started going on walks each day.  Sometimes you cry getting into your car seat, but you quickly settle down once we start moving.  You seem to love being outside and most days you fall asleep. 
    You have started spending more and more time on your play mat.  You LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror, but are especially entranced by the dangling rings above you.  On several occasions you have been able to repeatedly grab at the rings and attempt to put them in your mouth!  You are also getting better and better at putting your fingers in your mouth.  We love to laugh when this happens, because you start sucking like crazy and make such loud noises!
     Much to our dismay you also love to watch T.V.!  We are constantly trying to shield and move you from the TV, but you always try to turn your head or body to watch.  Like father, like son....

     You also had your very first tub bath this week.  You fussed at the beginning and end, but were pretty happy most of the time.

     You had lots of Grandma love this week.  Both Gigi and Grandmomma came to town and were quick to spoil and coo over you.  You were happy to give them your sweet dimpled grins and baby cuddles!

We love you.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Weeks Old!

Our little guy is two weeks old. SO hard to believe! Already his cheeks, arms, and legs have filled out. He has that adorable round baby belly too. (For the record, I also have a round baby belly, but it's not so adorable.)

I have been increasing his feedings so that he eats every two hours or even less. We have really worked hard at trying to get his weight up. Tomorrow we go back to the pediatrician for a weigh in. I'm hoping that he is getting closer to his birth weight! I really don't want to have to supplement with formula if we can help it.

We are starting to fall more and more into a routine. The days fly by - before I know it the morning and afternoon have passed. In the evenings we are loving family time. Guy can hardly put him down! He has also started to give him a bottle for the last meal of the day and I think both father and son are loving that time. They always look so content together!
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