Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going Down Memory Lane

This morning Guyla called to tell me the sweetest thing.  She was going through some of her old journals and found an entry dated December 11th, 2000.  It said something to the effect of "Guy started dating a new girl named Missy.  After only one date, he seems crazy about her."  How sweet is that?  It was written just two days after our first date.

I will always remember that winter because it was one of the worst ones we had had in years.  I lived in Norman, and Guy was living in Northwest Oklahoma City - a 45 minute drive in good weather.   Unfortunately, there was a long period of horrible icy roads that started right at Christmas.  Even though we had only been "dating" for a couple of weeks, we were already inseparable - seeing each other every single day.  Guy was quite the gentlemen and always came down to pick me up for dates, even in the icy weather.  For a college student, he must have spent a fortune in gas and date money! 

So in honor of my wonderful husband and best friend, here are a few pictures of him through the years!

January 2001 - These are probably the very first pictures taken of us together.  They are from a 2001 New Year's Party that was thrown at Guy's college house.  At Christmas, Guy had asked my parents for permission to take me to the party - AND spend the night - since the roads were so bad.  That was a pretty big deal for an 18 year old girl!  (Mom, ignore the beer.)

May 2002: Guy's College Graduation -  I love these two pictures.  The first makes me smile because Gary looks so proud of his son.  The second picture Guyla had snapped right after giving him a big hug.
Summer 2002: Our first big trip together!  For Guy's graduation present, he asked his parents for a beach trip  for the two of us.  So off to Ft. Lauderdale we went!

Summer 2002:  We went back to Florida, but this time to Orlando.  I love Disney World!

Also the Summer of 2002: What a wonderful summer that was!  (Guy proposed that summer.) We drove to Colorado to pick up Steph from Summer camp.  One of my favorite road trips ever.

Summer 2003: We went to Memphis for a mini Mayo reunion.  This is Guy with his Grandma.  Too cute!

Fall 2003: Guy with his best friend Dustin, who passed away a year ago.

Fall 2003: Our engagement party.

June 10th 2004:  Mr. and Mrs. Mayo: Just Married!

Fall 2004: "Coach Guy" on a trip to Colorado Springs for a hockey tournament.  We had gone hiking that day and came upon this sign.  I love this picture!

Fall 2004: Portland, Oregon

Christmas 2004: Guy was rockin' a pretty sweet hairdo.

June 10th, 2005: Our one year wedding anniversary!  We had just finished trying a bite of the frozen cake from our reception party - it tasted better the first time around.

Summer 2006: Cape San Blas - I have gone to this same beach for more summers than I can count.  This was the first year for Guy to come too!

Christmas 2006:  At Gary and Guyla's

Summer 2007:  Spending time with the Stoners.

August 2007: Portland, Oregon - Emily and Kevin's wedding.

Memphis 2008: Grandma's backyard.

Fall 2008: Breakfast al fresco in San Antonio.

Philadelphia 2008: At Betsy Ross' House.  Doesn't he look just like her?

Thanksgiving 2008: Two superheros at F.A.O. Schwartz in NYC.

Spring 2009: Guy met friends at the Jimmy Buffet concert.


Summer 2009: Shopping with Guy is always an adventure.

Summer 2009: Gary and Guy windsurfing.

Fall 2009: SNUGGIE!

Christmas 2009: Sledding in the snowstorm!  Guy pushed me all over the place.

Spring 2010: An amazing trifecta - picnic at the Dallas Arboretum, Sprinkles cupcakes, and my smiling husband.

Thanksgiving 2010 - Guy had been busy in the kitchen at my parents' house.  I am 12 weeks pregnant and we had just posted our happy news on Facebook!

January 2011 - And here is my handsome stud just about a month ago.

It was so much fun to go through these pictures today.  Even Guy laughed as I brought out all of our old scrapbooks.  I'm sad, though, because many of our pictures have been lost on CD's that are no longer readable.  That's why I love facebook and blogging - the sentimental part of me just loves to reminisce on our life together!

More Shower Pics

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Best Day!

Last weekend was SO special.  My two best friends threw the most wonderful baby shower for me!

Isn't the invitation adorable?  The whole shower was themed with baby blue, orange, and chocolate brown.  Sooo cute!

These two ladies are the hostesses with the mostesses.  They put so much thought, love, and creativity into the day.  I truly tear up when I think about all that they did.  How lucky I am to have such loving friends!

 The food was DELICIOUS!  There were tasty sandwiches from Corner Bakery, fruit salad skewers, several types of salads, chips, and bread.

Of course, nothing could possibly beat the champagne and fruit punch (just a sip or two for me!) and the amazing cake - which was possibly the cutest and most delicious bit of goodness I have ever had!

To top it all off, there was even a blue themed candy bar.  So clever!

We received so many wonderful gifts.  From the essentials like the car seat, pack and play, bassinet, swaddle blankets, Bumbo seat, high chair, strollers, Bjorn carrier, and sweet clothes, to all of the "fun" goodies like the oops bag, melody bear, and play mat - Baby Beckett is all set up!

I didn't take any pictures, so I am going to have to beg for some off of a few people :).  I want to add in pictures of all of the guests. 

It was so much fun to share in the excitement of our son.  I loved having all of the people Guy and I love most in one room.  What an amazing weekend!