Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Beckett :)

We just got back from the doctor's office and had an excellent report!

This little guy is happy, healthy, and weighs in at 3 pounds 5 ounces.

I am 29 weeks and 1 day, but Beckett is continuing to measure exactly one week ahead.

Except for his head - it measures TWO weeks ahead.

We think he gets that from his Papa :).

Third Trimester Here We Come!

This week I am technically in my 29th week, but last week marked the beginning of the my third trimester.

Here are the highlights:

How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: According to the Baby Center website, Beckett is the weight of a butternut squash and a tad over 15 inches long.  However, at the last appointment (5 weeks ago) he was a week ahead of schedule, so I imagine he is a really big butternut squash!
Total Weight Gain: Gained 22 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I LOVE wearing sweat pants more than I ever have in my life.  If I need to get "dressed up" I am usually in a cotton dress with leggings. 
Movement: He is starting to get into more of a schedule.  He is active around 9:00am, lunch time, 4:00ish, dinner time, 8:00pm, and as I am going to bed.
Sleep: I switch sides A TON throughout the night.  It is definitely getting harder to get comfortable!
What I miss: Wine, my old jeans, wine, not breathing like Darth Vader, wine, sleeping on my stomach, wine...
Cravings: The past two days I have been obsessively thinking about Cheesecake.  Guy just might have to take me to the Cheesecake Factory soon....YUMM-O! 
Best Moment this week: Well, it's only Day 2 of Week 29, but I am REALLY looking forward to going to our doctor's appointment this afternoon.  It's been 5 weeks, which feels like forever.  I am just anxious to hear that everything looks great :). 

I think they call this "nesting".....

Spring Break flew by!  A whole week to relax, sleep in, lounge in pajamas?  Actually, not really!  I was a busy bee this week.

Here were a few of my projects....

Emily and I had a freezer party!  We made chicken spaghetti, stuffed pasta shells, peanut sauce, and four cheese pesto pasta.  Can you tell the pregnant ladies crave carbs?!

Our next adventure was to take a sewing class.  It was really fun!  I learned a lot of tricks and things I had forgotten, so I was so happy to brush up on my skills.  Emily did awesome - it was her first time to ever touch a sewing machine.  We both came home with some pretty cute tote bags :).

Now this may not look like much right now, but Guy and I are hoping that it will be the perfect decoration for Beckett's room soon.  I won't spill the details on what the finished product will be yet, but here is a sneak peek...

And, finally, I whipped this up last night!  The sewing class from earlier this week gave me the confidence to tackle making my own nursing cover.  I have seen the "hooter hiders" in quite a few boutique stores for around $35-40.00.  I made mine for $12.00!  Even Guy was impressed!

And, of course, I probably over did it this week.  I wound up with a nasty cold, which is even less fun when pregnant.  I decided to go ahead and take the day off from school, which is pretty nice.   I am finally getting my day to relax, take a nap, and stay in jammies :).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wahoo!  I received my first blogger award....and it's stylish, no less :). 

Part of the fun of this award is that you share seven things about yourself.  Soooo, here goes....

1.) I love to read.  I remember first getting "hooked" onto books - sometime around the middle of 2nd grade.  I discovered the Sweet Valley Twins series and quickly devoured every last book in the series.  I can stay lost in books for hours, but I never seem to find the time anymore.

2.) I share a birthday with Princess Diana and Pam Anderson.  (July 1st)

3.) I am extremely sentimental.  I hate clutter, but I save EVERYTHING that reminds me of a good memory.  There are boxes in our attic full of letters, ticket stubs, photos, dried flowers - you name it! 

4.) It's a good thing I save so many sentimental items and photos, because I have a horrible memory.  If it's been longer than 6 months ago, I have totally forgotten about it.

5.) I have never, ever, ever enjoyed the taste of red meat, pork, olives, or bananas.  Over the years I have tried to enjoy bananas (without much success), but I will never like red meat or pork.  This is a constant source of frustration to my carnivorous husband.  But, he also shares in my distaste of olives.

6.) Nothing gives me greater satisfaction that crossing off items on a to do list.  Lists make me feel in control.

7.) I crave sugar all the time.  I can hardly say no to dessert!

I would like to pass along this award to my friend Emily at  She is one of the most stylish ladies I know, and has a very cute blog too!