Thursday, January 27, 2011

Furniture Has Arrived!

Guy and I spent more time and effort on deciding on Beckett's furntiure than we ever have on any other large purchase!  We researched, tested, layed out, and talked for weeks on end.  And today the furniture arrived!!!  It looks even better than we thought it would.

Ignore the random painting on the wall.  I can't decide... a red and brown stripe above the crib or not?  The colors that are on the wall aren't quite right, so that would be another obstacle to figure out.

I thought I would also throw in a belly shot - it popped out all of a sudden!  

This pic is from last weekend.  We went with the Stoner's to a yummy Japanese dinner! 

Goodnight friends - I'm off to bed!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Ready...

Since we announced our big news, we have had so much fun sharing our excitement over Beckett with family and friends.  AND we have been really, really touched by all of the thoughtful cards, gifts, and donations that have been sent our way!  It all started even before we learned I was pregnant.  My older sister has two adorable children.  She had given us CARLOADS of clothes, toys, and other baby goodies that she used with Ally and Colin. 

Then, at Christmas we were given some really sweet gifts.  Whenever our little guy uses these items, I will always think of the wonderful family and friends who gave them to him.  Here are just a few:

 I love these heirloom spoons and rattle.  The smaller spoon in front really is a family heirloom - it was my "Gaga's" (maternal grandmother) baby spoon!  Her initials are engraved on the handle.  It was so sweet of my mom and other grandma "Nanny" to think of giving this to us for Beckett.

Here are some of Beckett's clothes and books.  It's so much more fun to wash and put away his clothes rather than mine!

This weekend we made some good progress on getting ready for Beckett.  We worked on our registry list - which is CLOSE to being finished, but not quite done.  We have registered at Babies R Us (of course) and  Neither one of us had ANY idea how hard it would be!  But fun too... although Guy might argue that.

Guy also worked hard at painting Beckett's room.  It's a sandy light brown color, which I think will look really good with the bedding fabrics we picked out.  The fabrics have cranberry red, chocolate brown, sandy brown, and cream in them.  In fact, I am shipping them off to Canada tomorrow so that the curtains, bumper, bed skirt, and a pillow will be made! 

So much to look forward to :).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Morning

Can you tell I was crying at the end? :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're Having A....

At our previous doctor's appointment, the sonographer wasn't able to tell us the gender.  She was so sweet and offered to schedule us for a "freebie" so that we could find out as soon as possible!  So, my 16 week sonogram happened to be scheduled for Monday, December 20th - just 5 days before Christmas!  We decided to wait it out and open up the card on Christmas morning.  Those few days were TOUGH!  Guy was having the hardest time not peeking.  

Looking at the sonogram pictures!

Finally, Christmas morning came.  The whole Ladner clan, Guyla, Gary (on the phone from Alaska), and my cousins Gil, Betsy, and Bryn were all crowded around.  I opened the envelope and we found out we are having a BOY!!!

We are SO happy and excited!  The next day we even decided on a name... Beckett Levin Mayo.  

To top it all off, just a few days after that I was able to feel him move!  Lately I have felt the most  movement around 7:00 at night.  It's the tiniest little kicks.  Each time they give me the biggest smile :).