Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter has unofficially become our Mayo Party Holiday.  Just like last year, we hosted our neighborhood Egg Hunt and Social and then later that evening had a friends egg hunt and party too.  Needless to say it was a very busy day!  But so much fun too.  

Beckett understood more about the Easter Bunny, or at least he completely got the getting candy part.  He pretty much was in no rush to find the eggs and would happily sit and taste test along the way.  

These pictures are from our morning neighborhood hunt:

That afternoon the REAL fun began :).  Beckett was SO very excited to have his friends come over to play and party with him.  Here are the kiddos all lined up and ready to hunt:

It also happened to be right after Hadley's birthday, so the Stoners brought over a piƱata and cake for the birthday princess.  Both were big hits with the kiddies.

Group Shot….

Somehow a rope swing was invented and the kiddos (plus Guy) took turns on it.  

Easter morning Beckett and Hayden opened up their bunny basket treats.  Beckett was quite excited for his Jungle Book movie.  

Later we took a few pics outside then headed to brunch at Salernos.  It was Yummy!!

Here are a few more (ok, a lot more) shots from the Easter Party.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Bluebonnet Photos

Well, the bluebonnet season has come and gone here in Dallas.  Like many other mommas, I sorta became obsessed with wanting some family photos.  Actually, I really got all crazy about it because I realized that we didn't have a family photo of all of us since we had Reese!  She's grown a lot in those 3 months.  (4 now that I am writing this)  Anyhow, I begged Emily to take some of us and she happily obliged.  
Not sure she realized that Mr. Beckett was more into doing this than taking any photos.  He didn't make it very easy. :)

But, she got some REALLY good ones.  These are my two very favorites.  LOVE them.  

Oh, and I really love these too!

And these….. :)

Thank you, friend!  Nearly a month later and Beckett is still talking about how he can wear an "Emmy Cape"and be a superhero.  

While they ran around playing superheroes, I shot a few of just Mr. B.  

Gotta love the Texas Bluebonnets!