Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DKH Open House

Beckett's Spring Open House was last week.  I remember when I was teaching how nerve wracking and exhausting it was.  You spend SO much time getting your room ready, trying to prepare the kids, and then are on your feet with a perm smile for hours on end.  

But, from a parent's perspective, it's a pretty good time!  Guy and I were actually a little nervous too - in the past B has not done too well with us being at his school.  He typically cries and hangs on us, which is embarrassing.  So, on the car ride over we kept talking the open house up and trying to be really enthusiastic about it.  He wasn't too sure.

At first he was a little clingy, but then he got really excited to show us all of his artwork.  It was so fun seeing his work compared to the others.  Can you see his self portrait (top left)?  Hilarious.  I do not think he is our Picasso.  

He also got to do two science experiments.  It made me realize that we need to do more of that at home.  

His favorite thing he wanted to show me was Mrs. Griffith's dinosaurs.  I think he could have played the rest of the night with them.  

We did manage to lure him outside.  He wanted to play with the plasma car (he has one at home). Somehow Guy finally convinced him to play on the equipment.  

Little Miss was a good girl.  She happily sat in the car seat and gave smiles to all of the strangers.

It was a fun night!  We are so proud of the progress Beckett has made in school.  DKH is truly a special place and we are so happy that he loves it as much as we do!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dr. Beckett

Who else is a little Frozen obsessed?  Well, our boy sure is.  He LOVES it.  I don't think he even really understands it, but he sure does enjoy watching it.  If you have seen the movie, then you know that gloves play an important part of the movie.  One day Beckett put socks on his hands and claimed they were his "glubs."He then preceded to tell me that he was a Doctor.  

"Oh, Dr. Beckett?"  I ask.  

"NO!  I am not Dr. Beckett.  I am Dr. Bush.  'Member momma?  I cried with Gigi and Dr. Bush. "  

Wow.  I couldn't believe he remembered that and was talking about it.  It was several months ago that Guyla and I had taken him to his checkup appointment.  And, yes, his memory is accurate.  He did indeed cry.  But it was funny to me that he was bringing it back up all this time later.  He hadn't mentioned it once!  

Anyhow, he proceeded to give Baby Reese and checkup and "fix" her.  She liked it :).

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Reese: 3 Months

Dear Reese:

At three months you are pure joy.  You are getting easier and easier (sleeping better & not wanting to constantly be held)  - pretty much just the best baby we could ever hope for.  

I am obsessed with your happy smile.  You give the BEST big smiles and laughs.  Every morning when you first wake up I get greeted with your gummy grin and it makes my morning.  

You still do not enjoy a pacifier.  Occasionally you will take it, but it generally gets spit out after a minute or two.  Your brother just doesn't get it - he keeps trying to (pretty much cram) it into your mouth, and you smile and spit it back out.  ha!  You have found your fingers, however.  You LOVE them.  We predict that you will be a thumb sucker.

You have turned into a great little sleeper (thank in part to finding those fingers).  About halfway through the month you dropped your late night 10:30 pm feeding.  So now I feed you at 7:00 pm and you go down for the night.  You usually wake up about 4:00 am to eat again and then go back to sleep.  Slowly you are getting a bit of a nap routine but it's hard with our schedule.  

You adore your brother and he adores you right back.  He's always giving you blankets, toys to play with, and little stuffed animals.  He's also very protective.  If there are other kids around looking at you he stays right by your side.  One day we were at a birthday party and a little girl a little younger than Beckett kept touching you.  Beckett walked up as soon as he saw and repeatedly moved the little girl's hand each time and didn't say a word.  When she left, so did he.  It was pretty cute how he handled it and made sure you were left alone.

Your Dada is just as smitten.  Every day he says, "Man, she is such a beautiful baby.  Seriously, like a REALLY beautiful baby."  He's right.  :)

By the way, while I was taking these pictures your brother was in the background playing his "drums." Funny boy.

I adore this picture of you two.  

Your sweet cheeks get lots of kissing.

We love you so much sweet girl.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is Here!

The other day I got the kiddos dressed and thought I would be on top of it and we could go visit the Easter Bunny at the mall.  Beckett has been all sorts of excited about the Easter Bunny (since according to him she's really cute and brings lots of candy).  Well, apparently he is all talk because he wouldn't even LOOK at the bunny, let alone take a picture.  I figured as much.  So, Miss Reese had her pic taken without brother.  It really wasn't a big deal.  But on the way home I spotted these beautiful yellow wildflowers growing on The Flower Mound.  Beckett was much more in his element - running down the field, picking flowers, and holding his baby sister.  I was pretty happy in my element too :).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Springtime Gardening

Finally!  Spring is coming.  This has been the LONGEST winter ever.  This past weekend Guy got busy on the yard.  He planted some veggies and herbs for our garden.  We have blackberries, strawberries, green onions, eggplant, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers, and jalapeƱos.  Just a little of everything.  We did mostly seeds this year so I am curious as to how it will turn out.  It sure is cheaper than buying the plants!

While Guy worked B "helped."  In other words he got dirty like Dada.  Such a boy.  What's really *awesome* is that Guy found 2 snakes in that same big grass pile.  I ran as fast as possible but I hear that they played with one of them.  Seriously?  

Anywho.  Here are some pics of B getting dirty.  For some reason Blogger changes the color of my pictures.  It's annoying.  They are sepia-ish here, although that's not how they really are.  Whatever.