Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome Fall!

First off, YES I have fallen off the blog bandwagon.  It's eating at my conscious that I haven't done my regular "Dear Beckett" posts.  I WILL get back to them.  Soon.  Hopefully. :)

In between all of the move craziness, we have made time for some fall fun.  The weather has been nice so we have tried to spend as much time as possible outside.  Right before our move (like the day before we closed) I took B on a last walk around our neighborhood.  What a sweet memory it was - he wanted to hold my hand the whole way and we chased the bunnies and kitty cats all over the place.

I LOVE this picture I took of him.  My sweet boy...

Around the same time I also got to take pictures of these two beautiful girls.  I was seriously SO excited about the "photo shoot." ha!  

Our first try was kinda cold so we did a redo a couple of days later and got tons of great pictures.  Emily was a genius and brought the red wagon to cart the kiddos in.  As it turned out, it was a great way to lock them in for a group picture.  Can't decide which wagon pic is my favorite....

I also snuck in some pictures of B.  Isn't this park the best place for photos?  I love the white fence and field area.  I think it's perfect for fall.

You can't really call it fall until you make the first trip to the pumpkin patch, right?  Last week B and I loaded up for some pumpkin f-u-n.  He was in little boy heaven.

It took him approximately 3 seconds to figure out he had an entire field to run around in.

He also discovered that pumpkins make excellent seats.

Another favorite activity was the wood trains and tractors.  

How did my baby get so big?

Mr. B in the bounce house.  He preferred bouncing on his bottom.

We spent a few hours at the pumpkin patch, so we were both pretty exhausted afterwards.  But I do believe there is a trek out to the Dallas Arboretum planned soon, so I am excited for more pumpkin photo adorableness.

Also last week we met the Stoner girls at the new Fort Wildflower Park.  It JUST opened, so it was a little crowded but still lots of fun.  I am sure we will make many more trips out there soon.

Hads was all about the see-saw.

Have I mentioned how much Beckett loves Teagan?  (He's giving her a kiss.)  He has a crush.  Bigtime.

Ok, now this picture is kind of random but I took it a few days ago when B and Guy were out picking pecans.  (By the way we have an enormous 5 gallon pail filled with them.)

Doesn't he look like he should be in a gap ad?  I know I am biased, but he is so cute sometimes!

Yesterday we went with the Stoners to their neighborhood fall festival.  I think it's so cool that Bridlewood does this.  The kids get all dressed up and do arcade style games, bounce houses, slides, mummy wraps, a parade, and even get to ride on a pony!

Teags was a lady bug, Beckett was a pirate, and Hadley was a bumble bee.  

Beckett did not particularly enjoy his first pony ride, but Hads was in heaven.

We had a time out for snacks.

And look - we even took family pictures!  What would probably be a better picture is of the the circus stunts we were doing to try to get the kids to look at the camera and smile.  I used to think it was hard to  just get a decent picture of Guy and I - adding kids makes it an Olympic sport.

B and T -what cuties!

I am SO excited for Halloween!  It's crazy to think we will actually have a child (our child!) to take trick-or-treating.  And I may or may not have a matching costume for Guy to wear....:).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Remember how we did family pictures on the beach?  Well, I showed you a few of my favorites.  They were carefully selected from a few hundred less than perfect shots.  But some of the best pictures are the outtakes.  The ones that you normally toss into the trash folder because they aren't "perfect."  But I think you may appreciate a few of these....


"Someone" learned a new skill.

Petting Guy's chest hair.  Oh yes...

C'mon Gary, just SMILE!

Alex was especially thrilled to be matchy matchy and have family portraits.  You can tell how seriously they were taking it.  

Poor Guyla probably had a stomach ache after all that laughing!

Photo BOMB.

Me: "Let's get a girl's picture.  Hold on and I will get the tripod set up perfectly."

Maybe I shouldn't drink and photograph???

On second thought, I think drinking and photography just go hand in hand.  Cheers to pictures, the beach, and priceless family pictures!