Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home sweet home, we made it back from Memphis! We had an awesome week visiting Guy's family.

We stayed with Ron and Marsha, which was perfect because they are excellent hosts and have a beautiful home where we were all comfortable.

Beckett was able to meet the rest of his family members.  He had big smiles for everyone, and was the perfect baby the entire week.  He seriously only cried once the entire week and that was because I had put the wrong size nipple on his nighttime bottle.  Oops!

We even gave him his first "real" drink...

Just Kidding!  We did do a lot of celebrating though.  We had a birthday party for everyone that had a birthday this year...ha!.  B-Man got all dressed up for the occasion and wore his tux.  Doesn't every baby have a five piece tuxedo in their closet?

But we also had a good amount of down time too.  That's the best part about being away from home - you can really relax and not get distracted by work, household chores, and day to day life.  I loved getting to have quality time with the hubby!

The Memphis area is SO beautiful.  We went to several forest areas and did some driving and hiking around.  

Guy reverted back to an eight year old boy when we walked along the Mississippi River.  :)  He dug for treasures, looked for fish, and stared in amazement at the barges that passed right in front of us.  Such fun!

We even saw some WILDlife right in front of us!

We also did some shopping.  Collierville has THE BEST shopping EVER.  I was in love with their town square.  

Of course, we had to make good use of our babysitters too... So, Beale Street was a must.  We actually went twice, which was super fun.

Finally we ended the week with the Mayo family tradition - brunch at the Peabody Hotel.  The food was de-lic-ious, but they did move it from the ballroom, so it had lost some of the elegance.  Aren't the flowers gorgeous though?

Loved our trip and can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Beckett: 21 Weeks

Dear Beckett,

This week you have really improved your coordination!  You have perfect some of your "tricks" that you had been working on for several weeks.  For instance, you can roll over from your back to stomach with ease (you usually do not roll from your stomach to your back, but you can).  You can also spin yourself around to get to your toys.  AND you can put your pacifier in and out of your mouth all by yourself!  Such a smart boy!

We are still spending LOTS of time outside since the weather is so nice.  One morning it was pretty chilly, so we bundled you all up for our walk.  We go on morning walks frequently and family walks most evenings.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outside and sit in the BOB stroller!

You even have your very own sunglasses for when we are outside!

We have dining al fresco a lot too.

One day we went over to the Stoner's and you played with the girls.  It's so fun to watch you and Hattie "play" together.  You are paying more attention to each other... Hads even thinks you make an excellent jungle gym!  Teagan always rubs your toes and head and says, "Baby Beckett sooooooo cuuuute!"

This week we went to the Pumpkin Patch twice.  There was so much to see that you would hardly look at the camera, let alone give us any smiles. But we still managed to get some good pics of you!

Unfortunately, one of my wishes came true.  You HAVE been more cuddly this week, but it's because you got your first cold.  You have had a runny nose (thankfully no fever or other symptoms) which has made you pretty miserable.  We feel so terrible for you!

We hope you get feeling better soon, buddy.  We love you so much!