Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend Craziness

It seems like our weekends have been on overdrive lately!  Guy makes jokes all the time about our family calendar, but it's been so crazy that I don't know what we would do without it.  We are both busier than ever with our jobs (pool season for Guy and packing/TAKS for me), getting ready for Beckett, and usual Spring Time Madness.

The good news is that it's all been FUN!

Here's a weekend wrap-up for the month of April....

1st weekend:

Friday night we went out with David and Patty to Mi Cocina.  That's where the night started.  For Guy, it ended like this...

In short, large quantities of beer + several Mambo Taxis = Guy deciding to "camp out" like he did when he was a "little boy." (his words)  Yes, he really did sleep outside.

Saturday morning we were off to Austin for a mini "babymoon."  It was important to us to take one last little weekend getaway before Beckett arrives.  To sum it up, we pretty much ate, shopped, ate, slept, and ATE.  That's pregnant lady heaven.

2nd Weekend:

Cori came Friday night and stayed until Saturday evening.  I love her visits!  Hayden didn't come, so we were able to do some serious shopping.  She found some cute clothes.  I pretty much stared enviously at the size small t-shirts that she was purchasing.  Buying a size large to fit over the preggo belly is just not as much fun!

Saturday night we had a team dinner.  I have been so fortunate to work with some amazing ladies the past six years.  I will miss them!

On Sunday we were finally able to take maternity pictures with a photographer.  Here's a sample :).

3rd Weekend:

On Saturday we went to Carter's 1st Birthday Party! Perfect weather, yummy food, a precious sock monkey theme, and the cutest kiddos you have ever seen.....what's not to love?  I'm so bummed, though, because Zach and Charlsi have now moved to a new neighborhood :(.  They're not far, but nothing beats walking across the alleyway to see your buddies.

The BEST part of the weekend happened first thing Sunday morning.  I got a 7:00 am call from Emily to let me know that it was BABY TIME!  We rushed over to take care of Teags while they rushed to the hospital.  Actually, no one really thought it was going to happen that day - especially not in such a short amount of time.  Just a few hours later (11:55 am) Miss Hadley Jane Stoner was born!  She is beautiful, of course!

We had the best time taking care of Teagan on Sunday.  She had a good time playing with the dogdogs, investigating Beckett's room and toys, and playing the "what's that?" game. 

We took her to the hospital to see her baby sister.  On the way we kept trying to talk to her about Hadley.  Here's what she had to say....

Hahahaha!  "No want it!"  Classic!

4th Weekend:

Ahhhhh!  I had Friday off for the Easter Holiday, which was SO NICE.  We were able to get a TON done around the house - especially in Beckett's room.  It's not finished, but we are close.

Remember our crafting project?  Here is the finished product.  Ta da!

Next weekend is technically the last weekend of the month.  My parents are coming in town on Saturday.  I think we are going to go out to dinner and just hang out around town.  It should be fun!

Well, that about wraps it up for the month of April.  Time flies when your having fun!  Can't wait for May :).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A week and a half ago today, I did something kind of crazy....


Not that this was an unplanned event, but it IS a really big life change that I am still struggling to get my head wrapped around.  When you work hard to get a college degree, move to a new state for better pay, and pour hours and HOURS into being the best employee you can be, it is pretty strange to sign on a dotted line and walk away.

Guy and I made a pretty crazy decision exactly six years ago - we decided to sell our house, leave all of our family and friends, and start a life in a town where we didn't know a single soul.  Everything fell into place - our house sold in a matter of days, we both quickly found jobs we were excited about, we discovered that we picked a great little town to live in, and the rest is history.  In a lot of ways this feels very similar.  So much is falling into place, in a million different little ways - a sign to me that everything is meant to be.

Here is a little tour of my home away from home....

Welcome to Room 406!

I am haunted by the thought of packing all of this up...

Of course, I'm really not quiting work altogether.  I'm just trading one job for another.  Instead of teaching and interacting with other people's children, I am getting to do the most important job I can a mom.  And I am SO excited :). 

What's also exciting is having a partner in crime...

I'm 30 weeks in this pic.  In some ways it seems crazy that we will have a baby in just 8 short little weeks.  And then I start thinking that my belly will continue to grow for 8 more very looonnnnggggg weeks.

oh BOY!