Friday, September 20, 2013

Nigh-Noh Dada

Beckett LOVES time with his Dada.  As much as he loves snuggling up with Momma to read a book, he really loves to play rough with Dada.  Right now he has two favorite games he likes to play.... "nigh noh dada" and "fwhy B."  Translation: "night night dada" and "fly Beckett."  Basically he loves for Guy to pretend he is sleeping and then he gets to wake him up and get tackled.  And, of course, he loves to get on Guy's feet and fly through the air.  Pretty cute!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Swimming Fun

This summer we have spent quite a bit of time swimming.  It's about the only activity you can do outside in the middle of this awful heat!  

At the beginning of the summer, Beckett would sometimes be hesitant about getting in.  We purchased a puddle jumper (best invention ever) for him and in no time at all he gained so much confidence and quickly became a little fishy!

He thinks it's hysterical to get big mouthfuls of water.  Yuck. 

Hayden is definitely a fish!  They've gone swimming a couple of times together and it's too cute.

I'm sure he will be "helping" her to apply sunscreen on her back in a year or two, ha!

Beckett has swam a ton with the Stoners and Renters...

B likes to hold Haddie's hand :).

And this one pretty much cracks me up... 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Little PINK With Our Beloved Blue!

Well, our little family of three will soon be FOUR!  

I am actually 20 weeks right now, but we announced it right around 16 weeks.  These pictures were taken at 15 weeks.  I am super fortunate to not only have  a wonderful best friend, but one who is a sonographer and kindly scanned me to confirm that we were definitely having a GIRL!  

Cori was also able to confirm that the umbilical cord looked perfect.  This was an enormous relief because hopefully that means she doesn't have her brother's kidney condition!  

Without further ado, meet Reese at 15 weeks:

Let me just tell you a little about her... 

At our last doctor's appointment she was measuring a week ahead.  She is healthy and looks great!  She does not seem to sleep.  Ever.  She CONSTANTLY kicks  (I felt them at 14 weeks) - I do not go an hour without feeling her squirm around.  This is the complete opposite of her brother, who would go a couple of days without much movement.

She also causes her momma to be pretty much starving all the time.  I eat WAY WAY more than I ever did with Beckett.  And, yes, the scale is depicting that.  

I went to the Doctor again yesterday for my 20 week appointment.  This is an important one because the sonographer does all of the measurements and looks carefully at the anatomy to make sure all is well.  (We found out about the Single Umbilical Artery at 20 weeks with Beckett).

And... little girl is very healthy and perfect!  NO issues with the kidneys were found!

At 20 weeks her heart rate was 143 and she is weighing in at 13 ounces.  

Beckett is SO excited about Baby Reese.  He talks about her all the time.  He is obsessed with babies right now - if they are sad (crying), going nigh noh, or going bye bye, he will tell us all about it.

He's also pretty interested in her baby toys :).

Monday, September 9, 2013


One thing Beckett has always loved is firetrucks.  He calls them "woo-woos."  He has firetruck toys, a ride on firetruck, pj's.... you get the picture.  We also live in an area where a lot of fire trucks pass by our street, so we hear them every day.  EVERY DAY.  Ha!

Anyway, sometimes it's nice to remember the little things.  Here are a few woo woo photos.