Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Year Portraits

I really wanted to get some two year pictures done of Beckett.  For a photographer, one of the best things about having a May birthday is the gorgeous wildflowers that bloom.  I took advantage of them last year too...

This year I have to admit to using some M&M's for bribery.  A 2 year old just doesn't want to stay still and look at the camera!  He actually had a great time though.  We had to take a little hike to get to this spot - so he was a happy boy getting to climb on the rocks and get a little dirty.   

How can this sweet boy already be TWO?  Time goes too fast.

Happy Birthday to my strong willed, silly, sweet, and rough and tumble little boy.  We love you.

Beckett's 2nd Birthday Party

For Beckett's 2nd Birthday we wanted to keep it simple.   We wanted something that we knew HE would really enjoy.  For awhile we were going to do it at the firehouse.  While he LOVES "woo woos," we knew he just wouldn't be as relaxed as he would at his own home.  Sooo....cue the bounce house!

This was B's first time to see it.  I believe he was impressed.

It didn't take long before he was jumping around like a mad man.  It's safe to say that he loved it.

While the kiddos played, the adults seemed to have fun too.

Guy was head grill master and he did a great job!

Unfortunately it started raining (boo), so the kiddos really didn't get full use of the bounce house.  We moved the party indoors and opened presents.  B knew exactly what to do!

Then came the best part - cake!  No complaints on it from B.

We were so glad that Beckett's wonderful family and friends came to celebrate with us.  Over the next few days Beckett was in toy heaven as he played with all of his new loot.  I can honestly say that every single present has been thoroughly enjoyed!