Monday, December 31, 2012

Finally! A New Post!

You know all of those wonderful DIY and home decorator blogs out there?  They buy a new house and document the ENTIRE "wonderful" process of re-doing their home.  Their house looks like it belongs in a magazine, they instantly find the coolest trash to treasure finds, and they aren't in sweatpants doing it.  That is most definitely NOT me.  I don't see how anyone can accomplish anything with a trashed out garage, 1/2 the house still in boxes, and countless renovation projects going on.  And then you add in the B-Factor and forget-about-it.

He is cute though, isn't he?

Honestly, I think about writing just about every day, but until now the "blogguilt" just hasn't motivated me enough to do anything about it.  Not that I am completely unmotivated - I have about 10 posts that I started and just never got around to finishing.  I just have too many other things going on in life, that it's taken a back burner.

So since I think I will give you a small re-cap of things we have been up to.  Mostly it's just random pictures, but they have all been about things I normally would have done posts on.  I apologize in advance for the obscenely long post.

First up - I have started a big long post on all of the renovations we have done to our house, but since that obviously hasn't happened here is a little before and after.

Much better, no?



B and I on an ice cream date.  He LOVES ice cream.

We enjoyed the mild fall weather.

B benefited from some new toys from cousins Colin and Allison.  Hands down, they are his new favorites.  He has a love for trains, cars, and trucks.  

The wagon ride is also a favorite.

For Thanksgiving we went to Oklahoma.  At Thunder and Gigi's B enjoyed time in the backyard and playing with AJ.

We tried a family picture, but Guy looks kind funny here.  What is he doing with his arm?  

I've asked.  He's not sure either.  Ha!  It's SO hard to get a good picture!

We stayed with my parents this year.  It was a nice Thanksgiving  - overall, pretty low-key.  We all ate too much, had fun talking and catching up, and Guy and I even snuck in a few nights out.

Isn't my momma pretty?

While home I got one of my all time favorite Beckett videos.  I can't watch this without a huge goofy grin on my face.

I think the Thanksgiving festivities wore him out - nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!  

When we got home from Thanksgiving we finished Christmas decorating.  I wasn't in love with my outside decor, but it's better than nothing.  I was sad we didn't put up any outside lights.

This is still y very favorite decoration.  Did anyone else have one of these ceramic trees?  When I was a kid I LOVED to add the "lights" to it.

We did have fun with Christmas traditions - 

The Grapevine Christmas Lights Parade and Flower Mound Parade were both entertaining.

Seeing Santa was NOT so fun.  But holding hands with a pretty girl kinda makes up for it, right? :)

Since the Santa pics did not go so well, I tried my own holiday picture at home.  

I don't think you would guess that just 15 seconds before this is what he looked like.  Oh, it's so hard to be baby.

Santa came a little early and brought me a NEW CAMERA!!!  This is my new baby.

I have had fun taking pictures with it.  I'm pretty much in love.  It doesn't hurt that I have a cute model. :)

The first week in December I checked off an item from my bucket list - I ran a half marathon!  Not fast, mind you, but I did it.  13.1 miles, baby.

I should add that my knees still haven't quite recovered.  Boo.

About every other day we walk up to see the horses that live behind us.  It's the highlight of B's day.

We have spent every moment we can outside.  I love the fresh air, a slightly less messy house, and an entertained baby!

Eating pecans.  Seriously, what toddler LOVES pecans???

When the weather has been bad we have gone to the Indoor Safari park quite a bit.  It's toddler heaven! B is a big boy and goes down the slides.

We have been relaxing too!  One of my all time favorite things is morning snuggles.

Well, on that note it's time for me to do some evening snuggles with my other boy.  It's New Year's Eve and we are partying like rock stars in our pj's on the sofa.  Yep, welcome to parenthood.

I'll do Christmas updates soon!