Friday, November 16, 2012

Batter Up!

Guy came home tonight from his work trip and couldn't wait to play outside with B.  Wasn't the weather tonight perfect?  I love the crisp air and feeling of fall.  

Our little monkey is a future ball player for sure...

You know what else I love?  This sweet little boy in a sweater vest.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On a walk

This is kind of boring little post, but it's just a small memory I don't want to forget.  

Tonight I asked Beckett if he wanted to go for a walk and go to the park.  He enthusiastically replied, "yeshhhhhh!"  We go out to the garage and he zeroed right in to the stroller -  I was pretty amazed that  he associated it with going on a walk to the park.  (Usually when we go on a walk, he really does walk and not sit in the stroller.)  He happily climbed in and off we went.

I actually did a little running through my new running route, which is really pretty with all of the fall leaves.  Beckett got out and explored a bit while I gasped for air.  Ha!  But it was funny because he pretty much whined and just wanted back in the stroller.  (That NEVER happens.)

I ran a bit more and we stopped again at his favorite bridge.  I'm not kidding, the boy L-O-V-E-S a bridge.  I like this one because it is pretty safe as far as bridges go - no wide openings on the railing or deep trenches at the ends.

Do you see the happiness radiating off his little face?  I love when I can photograph a "real" smile (not trying to get his attention and act like a fool).  This picture just makes me happy.

He would have played all night on the bridge, but after awhile I got a little bored so we walked up to the park.  Another love is the slide.  He is obsessed.  He goes down backwards and the millisecond it is over he practically cries to do it again.  I think he went down the slide a dozen times over and over again.

It was cold so we walked home.  He told me "hank youuuuu" over and over again.

Sweet boy.

I think one of the things I love most about being a mom is slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures.  An evening walk becomes a precious memory!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Boy!

Today our boy had his breakfast at the table.  Why does he like enormous in the picture?  I took his picture and he said "hank youuuuuu."  (Thank you)

Time flies.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I was really looking forward to Halloween this year - Beckett could actually kind of trick-or-treat, I LOVE all holidays and was ready to celebrate one in our new house, and I was kind of dying to take a peak into some of our neighbors homes meet our new neighbors.

Halloween started off bright and early with a visit to the Dallas Arboretum.  Emily and I threw all the kiddies in the back of the car and headed off to see the Pumpkin Village that we both had always wanted to check out, but never had.  And in true Dallas "bigger is better" fashion, it did not disappoint.

Enormous pumpkins, haystacks, beautiful flowers - it was all there just waiting for the perfect photo to be taken.  And of course Emily's girls are about the cutest things in the world.  

Try as we might, this is the ONLY picture of all three kids looking at the camera and smiling.  Too bad they were facing the sun!  Still pretty cute though...

The kiddos had a great time too.  There were several areas filled with hay that were perfect for little ones to run around in and get dirty.  Mission accomplished.

We did take a few breaks and rest for snacks.  The Arboretum is the perfect place for a picnic!  Every time we come I always say how I wish it was closer and we should get a annual pass - it's just such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Here are a couple more pictures...

On the drive home all the kids fell asleep in the back - a good sign that Emily and I weren't the only ones completely exhausted.  After a long nap at home, Beckett woke up to see Gigi and was ready to start the trick-or-treating festivities.  

Our little jack-o-lantern was practically the only Halloween decorating we did this year.  I had good intentions of unpacking our decorations, but the other 86 boxes of junk in our garage really had priority.

Here's Beckett the pirate - he's looking a little unsure of what's to come!

Guy was suppose to dress up as a pirate too, but after a long day of travel to Oklahoma and back he was pretty exhausted and not feeling it.

But Gigi dressed up! (I think they were taking a photo together here.)

I really don't have any actual trick-or-treat pictures.  My camera doesn't really take night photos (or maybe I don't know how if  want a fast shutter speed??).  But the evening went great.  B had no problems walking up to the doors and quickly learned he was suppose to knock.  When someone opened the door he usually just stood there with a stunned look UNLESS they had dogs, then he was going in.  Yes, I had to drag him out of people's homes.  Ha!  The cutest part is that he would always say either "hank you" or "bah bo" (thank you and bye bye) when we walked away.   

He really seemed to have a great time, although he got pretty tired once we reached the end of the street.  I can't say that I blame him - it was a busy, fun filled Halloween!