Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten years ago....

Ten years ago I was getting ready for a date.  I wore my favorite jeans, black boots, and a gold sparkly turtleneck sweater.  I was off to an Italian restaurant in OKC and the Blazer's Hockey game.  Who was the lucky fella?  Guy, of course :).

We have had many, many dates since then.  My favorite evenings, though, are the ones spent at home.  Guy will inevitably do something to make me laugh and we never seem to stop once that starts.  I am one lucky gal!

Tonight we are headed to the Grotto, an Italian restaurant (I think?) in Highland Village.  I can't wait to celebrate! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Doctor Appointment

We went to the first doctor's appointment this week (October 19th)!  I took a 1/2 day off of work so that Guy and I could have a fun day of lunch, nap, and the appointment.  Our first stop was into the Sonographer's room and it was so fun to see the differences in how baby Mayo had grown.  Everything looked perfect and we heard a very strong (and fast) heartbeat.  According to the Sonographer, I was seven weeks and 2 days - so that pushed our due date to June 5th. 

Our next stop was to visit and have a check-up with the Nurse Practioner.  Everyone in the office was SO nice and knowledgable.  I was also able to get a prescription for nausea medication, which is a MIRACLE DRUG.  I have only taken it a couple of times when I have felt beyond terrible, and it helped out so much.

The last stop was for blood work, which is never pleasant.  I always envision that it's going to be so much worse than it really is.

Our next appointment is November 22nd.  We will have an ultrasound which will help determine if there are any chrommosomal abnormalities (down syndrome) or heart defects.  At my age, the sonographer said this is very rare.  She also said that she will be able to make a pretty good guess as to the sex of the baby!  I am SO excited and hopeful that she will be able to give us a good idea.  The shopper in me really needs to know if I am looking for blue or pink....ha!