Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Weekend

Last weekend was the big weekend that we had both been waiting for..... we finally got to tell our families that I was pregnant!  We had been talking, and talking, AND talking about how we should tell them - exactly how and what to say.  We were both going crazy with anticipation!

We got in town Friday night.  Gary and Guyla were volunteering at the rowing regatta downtown and didn't get home until late.  I tried really hard to stay up late, but I only lasted until 8:30 before it was bedtime! 

We woke up bright and early to head to Bricktown for the Race for the Cure.  We met up with Steph and told her that we should take a sister pic before our first race together.  Just before Guy snapped the picture I said, "On the count of three say Missy's Pregnant!"  SO MUCH FUN!  Steph had the best reaction - a combination of laughing, crying, and shock.  She will be an awesome Auntie! 

We did a combo walk/run and had a good time being downtown and participating in the race.  The people watching is always good at a race.  Afterwards, we went to the regatta and watched Gary and Guyla in action. 

That evening we had dinner plans with Gary, Guyla, Alex, and Jessica to celebrate Gary's birthday.  Right before dinner we asked Gary and Guyla to take a picture with us.  We made Guyla cry with the news!  At first she thought we were joking - I might be suspicious if Guy was my son too.  Ha!  He's always pulling tricks.  Dinner was really delicious.  We went to Stella's downtown and had a really nice evening.  Alex and Jessica are getting married in April, so we had lots to celebrate.

The next morning we met Cori for breakfast.  She is closing in on the final weeks of her pregnancy and looks amazing.  I hope I can look that good!  When we told Cori, she suggested a quick ultrasound scan.  I was so nervous, since I hadn't even gone to my first doctor's appointment yet!  It was amazing  - everything looked great and Baby Mayo was measuring 6 weeks 3 days (as of Sunday the 10th).  We even faintly heard the heartbeat.  It was such a relief that everything looked healthy!

Later that evening we were finally able to tell my family.  When I said "On the count of three say Missy's Pregnant" it was DEAD SILENT!  Ha!  I had to tell them that I was serious.  We definitely caught them off guard.  We then went to one of Guy and I's favorite restaurants, Charleston's, to celebrate my dad's birthday.  We were also able to tell Nanny and my parents' close friends George and Lynn.

It was a wonderful weekend!  We loved being able to share our good news with so many people.