Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wonderful news

On Wednesday, September 22nd we found out some wonderful news...... I am pregnant! The tests (yes, I took 2) showed such a faint 2nd line that I took a digital test the next day. Yep, it was confirmed! A few days later we stopped by to see our friends Kevin, Emily, and their adorable daughter Teagan. They are also expecting (which is soooooo fun), so Emily was talking about pregnancy cravings. I casually mentioned that I was having them too - their faces were priceless! It took a bit for it to sink in, and then Emily started going crazy with excitement. She was running around cheering for us. So funny! We are lucky to have such supportive and caring friends. AND, Emily and I are super excited to be prego together. Afterwards we went to Pei Wei for lunch to help satisfy my current cravings for Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls. Guy was a trooper - we had eaten there for dinner the night before. So, including leftovers, that is a total of 4 straight meals of Pei Wei.

I'm actually thinking about Chicken Salad Rolls right now. Mmmm...Mmmmm!
Our exciting news is still sinking in. We have moments where we just look at each other and smile - knowing that we are both thinking the same thing. WOW. Our lives are really going to change - for the better.