Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Beckett: 2 Years Old

Dear Beckett, 
TWO years old?  TWO?  We can't believe it.  It seems as though you have always been a part of our lives - we consider ourselves pretty boring before May 23rd, 2011.  Beckett, you add so much joy and love to our family of three.  
Your favorite activities include playing trains (about the only toys you really play with), using play-doh, being outside with dirt/water/cars, looking at books, and watching your favorite T.V. show Chuggington.  Oh, and you LOVE to "help" momma.  You constantly stay busy, busy, busy.  

With the Texas heat upon us, we have spent a lot of time outside with the water hose.  We can hardly even water the plants outside without your "help," which usually means you end up getting soaking wet.  

You are still an AWESOME dinner companion at restaurants - especially Mexican food where you love chips and queso, tortillas, and tacos. Unfortunately, you seem to get pickier and pickier about your foods.  Things that you used to eat like crazy (chicken nuggets, cheese, cottage cheese, a lot of fruits) you hardly touch and will even say "blah" or "gross" about.  Really?  Your diet these days seems to be smoothies, peanut butter toast with honey, cereal, kids cliff bars, and fruit pouches.  If it was up to you I think you would exist on processed carbs alone.  

You are still funny about messes and hate to have a dirty face, hands, or table.  

You are also a very good car traveler (for the most part).  We travel to Oklahoma a lot and even drove to Memphis and you were awesome.  On car rides we talk about the big trucks, look at books, make phone calls to grandparents, and play with momma's phone to pass the time.

You are ALL boy.  100%.  We laugh all the time because your only interests seem to be such BOY things - throwing rocks and balls, playing with things that go, looking for bees (all bugs are bees to you), and seeing animals.  Even your books have to be about things like that!

It doesn't seem that you have an artistic bone in your body - you have zero interest in coloring, paints, or crafts.  You aren't really into music as much either.

You do have a love for animals.  You love to visit the horses, go to the zoo, and walk around the Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium.  Your favorite animals seem to be the "hi-no" (rhino) and "hing ray" (sting ray).  We look at animal and dinosaur books every day.

You are a good sport about getting your picture taken.  I get 99% of my practice and location scouting done with you and I've never heard any complaints or frustration.  Here you are helping momma scout for new locations:

Sometimes I do resort to a little M&M bribery to get the perfect pic :).  Here you are signing for more!

But, not always... most of the time you give me pretty cute smiles all on your own.

Lately Dada has had to travel a TON.  You miss him like crazy and will ask for him all the time.  You guys are such good buddies.

But deep down maybe you are a momma's boy??!?

We love you so much.